Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Saturday Night

We have been in the middle of a
good old eastern snowstorm
since New Years night.

yesterday was a perfect time
to pack up Christmas for another year
and then relax with
a cup of tea
and maybe even a movie

my plans got derailed around 6:00
last night

we were finishing up
when bang
the power goes out

supper is
IN the oven
and had about another 1/2 hr
to cook



with the wind blowing
what seemed like hurricane force
we hunkered down
to wait it out

Around 7:30
I checked on supper
and it was cooked

so we ate by candlelight
not like we had a big choice

no rice or pasta or potatoes
just meat and veggies
it was good
and I was so glad
I put veggies in with the meat

there were so many things
I still wanted to do
oh well
pick up a book
and read by flashlight
I have not done that in years!

The power came back on about
I did the dishes
got a couple of more things done
when it went out again

we looked at each other
and laughed
might as well go to bed
after all it is 11:20....

it was only off for 20 minutes this time
thank goodness
but we headed to bed anyway
then the phone rings

long distance love
I was on the phone til almost 3
gotta love girl talk

so today I finish what I started yesterday
hubby with clear away the snow
even though it is still blowing a bit out there

and maybe ~ just maybe
I will have my tea and movie tonight!

Happy Sunday.


Unknown said...

Oh,what an adventure Lori! We haven't had power cuts for years....hope your snowstorm passes soon :)

Keep warm! xo said...

Only you could take a bad situation and make it sound absolutely wonderful. Still sounds like a good time you had.

Cathi said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully delightful night although unexpected. That is what makes this life exciting, you just never know what is around the corner...

I always have my candles and flashlights ready, in the event this happens to me too.

Happy Sunday, Lori! xxoo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Sounds cozy and perfect. Can't imagine being on the phone until're crazy girl! Enjoy your movie.

Delena said...

Hunkering down is sometimes just fun. You made the best out of an annoying situation!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori, Poor you.... although it seemed to work out in the end. least you had food, the most important part!! I hate power cuts. A couple of years ago we had one on Christmas Day !!!! Everyone ate very late that Christmas. Hope you get to see your movie this evening. XXXX

Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh I don't miss the snow. It is chilly here too but not like the rest of the US is getting


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Well I'm happy to read that at least you got to eat dinner.
Chilly here today too -12C but the house is nice and warm with the woodstove on.
Wishing you the best for 2010.

Carol said...

My daughter and her family just moved to Maine and they've had 19 inches of snow this week! They haven't had their power go out yet. It sounds like you made the best of it and had a cozy evening. You can visit my daughter's blog at if you want to see their snowy fun.