Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

So tonight we go to dinner
with good friends

we will have some cocktails
and some laughs I am sure

we will reflect on what this year has been
the good and the bad

than we will toast each other
as the clock strikes twelve

we will be thankful for our health
and the wealth that friendship brings

knowing me I will shed a tear
as I get so emotional this time of year
I have always loved Christmas
and dreaded New Years
not sure why
sad maybe that another year has gone by
I just can't put my finger on it


Thank you for an exciting 2009
to new friendships
and old ones too

I will remember being here in September
the highlight of my year

and watch the ball drop
and wonder what it would be like
to be there for NYE!

Cheers to 2010!!


Unknown said...

Great post Lori :)

10 years ago TODAY we were in NYC and we watched 1999 turn into 2000 and saw the ball drop much fun....and the coldest I have ever been in my life!! I don't know where the last 10 years have gone LOL!!

I have to confess to not being mad about New Year's Eve, but I do love New Year's Day.....full of hope and plans for the year :)

Have a lovely evening,

Simone xoxo

Cathi said...

We are off to a party with friends tonight, but truthfully I would be a happy camper staying home in my pj's and watching movies.....I'll do that tomorrow...haha...

Have a wonderful New Year, Lori...It has been so much fun getting to know you! xxoo

Recaptured Charm said...

Have a terrific New Years Eve Lori.. thanks for visiting as often as you do, and thanks for all your words of encouragement. By the way I LOVE the header picture!
Have a great one!

Delena said...

Happy New Year Lori. Fourteen of us snowbirds are going to dinner and then to a movie tonight. Looking forward to our blogging of 2010

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
I, too, am not that keen on New Year's Eve. I find it a bit spooky and it's so poignant, isn't it.I get a little jittery as midnight approaches. I guess a few glasses of something bubbly might send those feelings packing !!
Have a wonderful evening and thanks for all of your support and laughs and,I look forward to reading your posts and looking at your brilliant photographs in the coming year. Wishing you and your family many magical and happy times in 2010. With much love.
By the way....the header is divine. XXXX

Farmgirl Paints said...

Have a ball tonight. We are doing the same with the kids in tow.

It has been a joy getting to know you a little this year. May 2010 find you healthy, happy and full of joy. Blessings sweet friend.

Laurie said...

Happy New Year Lori! I wish you all the best this year has for you!