Monday, December 7, 2009

Fa La La La La

Wow ~ what a busy week-end
but so much was accomplished
I want to pat myself on the back

Saturday was a go go go day
~bottled wine
~grocery shopped
~made manicotti for supper
~got our tree
~changed the bed
~decorated the house

I soooo needed a nap ~ but it was not in the cards
and speaking of cards
I do have to get those in the mail this week

Sunday was a slower pace
but busy just the same

we woke up and saw this out the window...
so pretty and it was our first snowfall
pretty good for us
and it makes it feel so much more like Christmas


I had my Mom here all week-end
she had surgery last week
and is on the road to healing
but I did not want her to be alone
so I scooped her up on Saturday
and brought her here
that way I could feed her
and keep an eye on her

she had a nursemaid though...

this one never left her side
we were like ghosts to her
for 2 solid days
the only time she paid any attention to me
was at meal times
she was too funny...

Happy Monday!

Forgive the pictures
I have been playing with Picasa!


Christina said...

The pictures are beautiful as always! WOW I guess you got a lot done, super women!

Cathi said...

Love the pictures, Lori! You were wonderful to bring your mom home and have her tended to by such a cute nursemaid - i bet she felt really special! I am very impressed at your very productive weekend! I am currently in movie watching mode both at home and at the theaters, but all of my Christmas chores are getting done along the way too! Have a great day my friend! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori, your photographs are beautiful. I love the ones of the snow. Doesn't it just make everywhere so magical ? I wish your mum a speedy recovery, helped along by her little attentive nursemaid (and you of course !)You did so well this weekend. More than I did ! Have a lovely week, Lori. XXXX

Unknown said...

Hi Lori! I don't know why youwould say forgive the pictures...the whole time I was reading I was thinking your collages were so cool!!! I just love them!! I need to get in there and play around with some of my photos...

We got our first snowfall as well and it does feel so much more festive with the snow!!

:) T

Lissa said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the snowy ones~ love! cute puppy! I hope your mama is feeling better!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Lucky Me ! i found you today through Bottom of the Ironing Basket...what a beautful blog you have....

and me too....all my kids are 4 legged and furry...

2 indoor kittys....4 outdoor strays..that are now mine since I fed them twice a day...and 14 year old poodle....

love your dog...really cute...

I'll be following you along....

more later

Kary and Buddy