Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Tonight we brought in the tree
2 nights ahead of schedule
because the weather man says
15-25 cm of snow tonight

so in it came
and it is sitting in the living room
and cold

as I was laying on my belly
watering it
I flipped onto my back for a minute
and just stared up into it

it smells like the woods...

duh ~ yeah

but more than that
it smells like my Dad
after coming home
from working in the woods
cutting down trees
to sell to our neighbors
over the Christmas season

so tonight it will thaw a bit
and have a good long drink

so over the next 2 nights
I can add the lights
so it looks something like this

not quite like this
I love lots and lots of lights
you get the picture...

then on Sunday
with Christmas music playing
and maybe a glass of eggnog

we will decorate it
and then sit back and enjoy it

as it is one of my favorite parts of the season



mimi charmante said...

What a gorgeous post with such lovely photos to go along with it. I am sure that you had mixed feelings about the smell reminding you of your dad, but you know he is always there with you Lori.
I can't wait to see photos when you have her decorated!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I love a fresh new tree. We have a fake one and there just is always that missing...smell! Enjoy your beautiful tree and the memories it brings. Can't wait to see the decorated end result:)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

We are living parallel lives, Lori. My tree is in the conservatory, unadorned and bare. I shall be decorating it at the weekend. I might even take photos of it, depending on how it looks !!
I love the way you told your story of your Dad. Christmas trees always takes me back to my childhood, as we had the most magical times. My mum and dad always gave us the best Christmas.
Enjoy decorating your tree and perhaps we can compare. Not too much eggnog now Lori !! XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...


Wonderful post. I have had my 'naked' Christmas tree in my living room for 4 days, watering it evey now and then and enjoying the scent as well as the evergreen and winterberry I bought for garland. We will decorate as soon as we have time, but it is sort of neat to see it just unadorned for awhile, the way it was before it was cut.