Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the week-end before Christmas
and I am feeling good

there is wrapping to be done

and a couple of last minute
things to bake

the candy dishes will be filled

but there will also be time to...

enjoy the tree

and ornaments abound

maybe go for a walk in the winter's snow

both Friday and Saturday night
we will be partaking in some
Christmas cheer

Friday night is a casual affair
with family and friends

lots of eggnog

maybe a cupcake or two


Then on Saturday night
we can put on our dancing shoes

and our holiday best
and partake in maybe one of these...

and a little dinner too.

so get out and enjoy the lights

share in the love

the beauty of it all

and if you are lucky

you will find your favorite someone
under the mistletoe

I know that we are all crazy busy this time of the year
so I thank each and every one of you
that took the time to leave a note
or little comment.
I know I have read lots this week
but commented not as much as I would have liked
so thank you.

I hope your week-end is filled
with love and that you
make new memories
of this Christmas season.



Blondie's Journal said...

How nice that you are enjoying all the fun and merriment of the season. And sitting back relaxing as well. The best of both worlds!!

Happy holidays!! :-)


mimi charmante said...

Wishing you the most splendid last weekend before Christmas my friend. Enjoy every minute of it!
Much love to you,
xx said...

It always seems like you have the best weekends planned. Mine are arguing with kids to get rooms cleaned, trashing the kitchen to bake cookies and finally decorating for Christmas. No magic there!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What gorgeous and delicious Christmas images, Lori.
Enjoy every minute of the festivities, especially the kissing and the cocktails !!!! Ooooo and by the way, we went to a swish Chinese restaurant in London last night, and I had some amazing cocktails. A chinese named one which consisted of peach juice and vodka and one called Lady Penelope. You would have loved it. I thought of you whilst drinking them )
Have a fun time, XXXX

Unknown said...

Have a lovely week-end Lori....what a beautiful post this is :)

And should you have the odd one of two of those gorgeouschocolate-y cakes going spare, you know who to call :)!! xo

Cathi said...

Lovely post and photos, Lori! We are also having a party weekend starting with last night and I am hoping to finish up the shopping and wrap everything, so as to have a relaxing week coming up. Have a beautiful weekend filled with love and laughter! xxoo