Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A LIttle Sweetness

I thought 
we could all use 
a little sweetness today

it has been a busy week for me so far
and this was suppose to be my free week
ha ha ha

 I truly hate complaining as I love this time of year

it's the running around
lack of sleep
trying to get everything done
I don't enjoy

at least my baking is done
thanks to the cookie exchange

you know I came home with...

shortbread cookies, peanut butter balls,
peanut butter fudge, cherry surprises,
chocolate coconut balls,
2 kinds of cookies 
peanut brittle.

can you say yummy!

on Saturday night
I went to a craft/antique fair
took my camera
and did not take a picture


I did come home with 6 cupckaes
and a dozen mini cheesecakes though

and one gift that wasn't for me

the cupcakes prompted this post
because I am sure they
are still with me

there they are
on my hips!

Maybe I should have stuck with these ones instead

or even this one

hope you are having a great week!




Cathi said...

Those cupcake ornaments are fabulous, as are your lovely words and gorgeous photos....I can just taste those cupcakes now - yum!
Have a wonderful day, Lori! xxoo

Laura said...

Delicious to look at ....and I', sure to devour as well!
Thanks for the sweet post!
:) Laura

Simone said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS sure are extra good at Christmas posts :)

Any chance that the gift that wasn't for you was a mini cheesecake just for me?! ;) Actually, even just thinking about it seems to have added a centimetre or two extra to my already-padded hips LOL!!!

I LOVE all these cute are those cupcake ornaments?

I know you love snowmen and one of our local shops has a very good window display which is all really beautiful large snowman....every time I go past I keep thinking how I would love to kidnap them and put them on your lawn as a surprise!! So don't be surprised if after one Christmas party too many next week for me, they turn up ;0

Happy December honey :) xo

mimi charmante said...

Some people are so darn talented! Those are fabulous - can you imagine bringing them to a party??? If only they sold things like that around here...
Have a fabulous rest of your week my friend,
(I have been wearing my bracelet every. single. day. I love it!!)

Jacqueline said...

Those Christmas cup cakes are gorgeous. but I think that I love the cupcake baubles even more. I just loved your cupcake post, Lori. XXXX

Farmgirl Paints said...

Okay that is so post for tomorrow was entitled sweetness:) I dreamed of cupcakes night before last. I LOVE cupcakes. Beautiful images:)

Chez Zizi said...

Yummy, I love the cupcakes. I wish I could make cupcakes like that.