Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Christmas Cactus

The Christmas of 2000
was a very special one
although we did not know it at the time

it was the last Christmas
that we would spend with Dad
as on New Years Day he had a stroke
and then passed away on the 6th of January.

on that final Christmas
he bought Mom a Christmas cactus
one night when they were grocery shopping
she fell in love with it
so he picked it up...

this little cactus has flourished
and a year ago she started one for me
from the one he bought her

although mine has never bloomed
it still brings a smile to my face
and a little ache in my heart
when I see it

a couple of week's ago
I met Mom for a little shopping
after work

before we parted ways
she asked me to come to her car
and out of the back she pulled
my very own

It is white with a whisper of pink
it was in full bloom
and I love it


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Such a delightful flower and the plant can live for many years... sharing its beauty and the gift of family and love...

Cathi said...

That is so special, Lori...what a wonderful gift! Happy Sunday, my friend! xxoo