Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello Cookies

Happy Wednesday!

Now I usually do a wordless version
but this morning I figured I would talk
yeah ~ there is a lot going on in this little brain
and I do not even have turkey on my mind like most of you!

I have pulled out my recipes
and started my Christmas baking list

now I don't bake chocolate chip for Christmas
but these pictures spoke to me

kind of like 
"get off your butt if you want some of this"

not really ~ but I could hear that in my mind....

are these not just the cutest ~ you could make those anytime of the year also

in the new Canadian Living magazine
there is a recipe for these
and I just may take the plunge 
and attempt to make them!

Now for my list ~ here are the babies I will be making
to enjoy over the holidays

this is a recipe that has passed down through the generations
Trevor is not a fan but I love them!

another family tradition
best with raspberry jam  in the center

I started making these a few years ago
and they are great to make for a cookie exchange
they are my "go to" recipe

these are coconut/oatmeal cookies
with dates and either cherries or dried cranberries

it would not be Christmas without my grandmother's 
shortbread recipe.  I usually put them through the 
cookie press but the dough can be rolled and cut too

another fun little addition to add to the sweet tray

I make these all year round for a change of pace
it is the same recipe as the ones above but you add
gumdrops instead of the fruit

so these are just the cookies on my list
betcha want one now!

What are your favorites?
Do you bake for Christmas?
Are there special recipes that have passed down
that you love?

do tell.....


Donna said...

They are all too scrumptious looking and I make many too that are a tradition in our household but, LOVE those too cute button cookies!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

These are all great looking and a few may go on my list. I LOVE the last image of the milk in the martini glass!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

those peanut kiss cookies are my fav. and no we don't bake. it would be the end of my waistline if i did! said...

Ohh Eem Gee!!! Could you Fed Ex some of ALL those cookies to me IMMEDIATELY?! YUMM! Im not a great cook! AT ALL! And those little buttons...SWOON! Im new to blogging so JUST found you! So glad I did! I will be following! I have an interior design business and blog and im doing 14 days of xmas trees, I would LOVE and appreciate if you would come visit. PLUS i have a GIVEAWAY through today! YAY!


blessings xoxokara

Mikal said...

Those button cookies are so dang cute! I need to get my baking list set too. I have found so many great recipes to try this season though, I don't want to go overboard!

Any secret tricks or tips on the ornament wreathes to pass on? I found the directions last year on Eddie Ross's blog. I think they might last longer his way, but it will take much longer to build.

Cathi said...

I don't bake much anymore except for my family and my recipes include: snickerdoodles (my fave and my kids fave)& chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, an espresso brownies (an adult dessert but so delicious!) Those cookies look so fabulous, pass a few my way, pretty please...:) Have a great day, Lori!! xxoo :)

Lissa said...

i'm totally ready to start christmas baking! I've also got some ideas in my head of the kind of cookies I want to do. I can't wait! Still seems a wee bit early. Plus I'm in charge of pies for thanksgiving so you know what I'll be doing next wednesday.

Kim said...

I try not to do Christmas baking because I would just eat it all. I LOVE to bake.Your post might just get me to do some Christmas baking this year:)

this free bird said...

Lori this post is essentially wearing me down to nil. You know how I feel about those peanut butter blossoms (they lasted, uh, 3 days), but bring on the chocolate chip cookies and ESPECIALLY the bird's nests and thumbprints. My grandmas both made those and they're my FAVES! Here comes Christmas baking!!


Recaptured Charm said...

Hiya Lori
Some of those cookies are already on my baking list this Christmas! I love Christmas baking! I think I might add the Coconut Oatmeal with dried Cranberries to my list though this year! Thanks for the ideas.

♥ Mónisu ♥ said...

Ummmm!!!!So sweet!!!!!

I like much your blog, you have beautiful things.