Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 Things ~ An Award!

I have met some awesome people
in the past year through blogging

One of them is Lisa
over at
Recaptured Charm

She recently awarded me with

if you have never been over for a visit
it is a must see

So as part of the award
I have to share 10 things I love
and pass it on to 10 bloggers

I did a similar list
back in January
so I put on my thinking cap
and came up with 10 more things!

In no particular order:

Having 4 seasons
I know I take this for granted
and although I do not enjoy winter at all
I cannot imagine not having snow for Christmas!

I love planting them,
receiving them and taking photo's of them.

Girls Night Out
there is nothing better than getting together
with girlfriends ~ whether it be over coffee
or drinks and dinner.

I used to be a nightshirt/tshirt to bed girl
but love, love PJ pants and tanks to sleep in

Sheets on the line
there is nothing like bringing the sheets in
off the line and making the bed
crawling into it that night ~ you just smell fresh!

Fancy Girlie Drinks
I even found a website with loads of recipes!

Walking Miss Molly
this little doggy has my heart

Pedicures & Flip flops
as soon as it is warm enough
my socks stay in the drawer
and out come the nail polish and the flip flops
and when I am feeling extra extravagant
I make an appointment for a pedicure
it makes my feet sing

I love roaming around taking pictures
looking at things from the lenses point of view

Bubble Baths
light some candles ~ grab a book
and make sure there are lots of bubbles!!

Of course my first list is still in tact as I still love
Books, Music, Dancing, Chocolate,
Good Sheets, My Furry Kids, Coffee ,
Cupcakes, Our Cottage & Connecting with People!

Now to pass this on to 10 others
with no obligation at all...


I cannot wait to see everyone's lists!

Don't forget to enter my anniversary giveaway
you can do so here...

7 comments: said...

Congrats on the award! You have some great loves there. I think I am partial to Miss Molly though. She is just adorable! I always love coming here to see the awesome pics you post. And the treats. And the drinks.

Thank you for the award! You are always so thoughtful!

Blondie's Journal said...

Hooray for you and your award. I love learning more about bloggers. We have a lot of the same things that make us happy! ;-D


Cathi said...

Congrats on your award - there is not one thing on your list that I don't love - WONDERFUL LIST! Thanks for thinking of me - I better put my thinking cap now! Have a great day! xxoo :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

You have an awesome list. I'm so behind on stuff like this:) Didn't you nominate me for the plastic barbie award too? I'm still thinking about that one. Wondering if I post about my fantasy men if my Honey would kill me or not;)

Thanks for the nomination. I'll have to get on those pretty soon. BTW my socks don't come back out until Oct. I'm so with you on the flipflops and pedicures:)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi dear Lori,
Congratulations on your award and I love the 10 things that you love. Love the girl's night out...if only we could all sit around that table once a month with some.... NO.... lots of those cocktails. They look like cosmopolitans to me. My son and Daughter-in-law had cosmopolitan's at their wedding. De-li-cious.
.... and, you are so lovely to pass the award on to me. Thank you so much, Lori. XXXX

Young at Heart said...

I used to think pedicures were rubbish and then I had one........oh what bliss!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your well deserved award! Great list!