Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 17

There is so much going this week

we are on vacation

are in the midst of renos

and I have jumped head first into a
little pet project...more on that later!
I went and got weighed in this morning
and I am down


Yeah for me!!

last week I stayed the same
and did not post...

I was a little nervous this week as my eating
habits have not exactly been stellar

but I have been getting lots of exercise
going out and enjoying the sun
gardening, organizing and
walking the dog...

whenever my girl and I
get out and about
I like to say that I am walking with
Miss Molly.

When we put our house on the market
last year
one of the things that tugged at my heartstrings
was not only moving away from our
wonderful neighbors
but not having the riverfront trail
basically at our feet

this is part of the
Trans Canada Trail system
which stretches across Canada

Riverview's portion is
3.75 miles
and is most beautiful in the
Spring and the Fall

Summer walking is enjoyable
if you can beat your way through the


so I tend to like it most in
April & May
before the creatures come out to hunt!!

this is looking across the river
to the neighboring city

you never know who you may run into
on your walk

we like to wander out on one of the
access roads

this is where they set off the fireworks
for Canada Day
as it is smack dab in the middle
of our tri-community area

there are water and marshlands on both sides
with the river straight ahead

lots of ducks

and babies too!

lots of ducklings with their Mama's
paddling around

I could have sat and watched them for hours

this one....

not so much!

so with the sun sinking lower in the sky
we turn around and head towards home

knowing that the trail
and the ducks
will still be there


6 comments: said...

Good for you! Nothing wrong with holding the same. It wasn't a gain! Wow, that kinda rhymes and I didn't mean it too. I would have to say that you are eating better than before though, you lost! That is an improvement in itself. Old habits are very hard to break! Especially eating ones. I wish that I could be doing as good as you!

Keep up the great work Skinnie Minnie! Love the walk! Thanks for taking us along with you and Miss Molly! I know you girls like your alone time.

Lou said...

Well done you...a good week. Lovely pictures of your walk...Louise x

mimi charmante said...

Lori, these photos are gorgeous and I a SO proud of you! I hope you feel absolutely fabulous and are proud of yourself as well~
Have a marvelous weekend my friend - big hug!

Unknown said...

Wow Lori, such beautiful photos, where you live is so's slightly different to how I have always imagined it! How lovely to be able to walk through gorgeou fields and roads.

And 2.2lbs......WHOOPEE!!!! That's incredible.....I am VERY proud of you and pleased for you too, you are inspiring me! xoxo

Cathi said...

I am loving these photos of your is absolutely gorgeous!! I will have to get the camera out and take you on a field trip of my area sometime soon! I, too am very proud of the progress you have made - you are an inspiration to many people! Have an awesome weekend, Lori! xxoo :)

Mikal said...

What a beautiful place to live!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous!