Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out & About

I sit here
wishing I was still on vacation

but thankful for the time off
the chance to recharge
the things we got accomplished

it really was a good week.

Since the weather cooperated
with our time off
I was out and about
quite a bit
with camera in hand

the first part of the week
I took pictures of my tulips

it was their last hurrah

they were gone by the end of the week.

Now comes the painful part
waiting for them to die off
so I can plant my impatients

and I am very impatient in the waiting process!!

the blooms are also done
on the forsythia

and most of the blossoms on the
bridal wreath spirea
are now scattered on the deck
like confetti

it is so pretty
it is one of my favorites in the yard

unfortunately there are still are plenty of these...

but even this dandelion looks pretty!

oh ~ this is not a flower
but she loves being outside with her Mama!

My containers are completed...
million bells are one of my favs

and of course planting would not be complete without...

and a pedicure!

these forget-me-nots
are my favorite vacation shot

I took it on Saturday at the cottage
when we went to open it up

more on that and the rest of what we did while we
were off is coming up soon!

Hope your day is as pretty as a flower!


7 comments: said...

Darn you HP! Why can't you invent smellavision! The flowers are so pretty! Love that spirea too. I may have to get some of that! Miss Molly looks totally irritated that she is having her pic taken. She's so cute!

Cathi said...

Your flowers are so gorgeous and your little Molly is beyond adorable! Have a great day, Lori! xxoo :)

Lissa said...

that is just lovely~ great photos!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Lori your flowers are sooo pretty. I planted some tulips a few years back, but none of them ever came up. What's up with that?? I love tulips they are so happy. Thanks for sharing all your little garden pretties. Your dog is super cute btw.

Rhiannon Bosse said...

I was thinking to myself what a beautiful yellow flower; what is it? And it’s a dandy!! Haha It’s surprisingly so gorgeous! What pretty flowers you have too :) XO

Unknown said...

Oh, how lovely! You make me want to get out and work in our yard, love your clever containers! So happy to stumble into your pretty little world, definitely your newest follower! XO!

thenextarrow said...

lovely. i adore the way it's written.

xo Alison