Monday, October 5, 2009

A Thank You to Martha

I will have to clarify why I want to give a great big
"Thank You"
Martha Stewart...

Back in 2000
I was in the midst of planning my wedding

Because I was having a case
of Princess syndrome
I was on every wedding planning site
that was out there

Of course one of the sites
was Martha's wedding site.

I stumbled into the chat room
a newbie, a bride to be
and was embraced by a group of girls
of like minds as we were all there
for the same thing.

Not long after
Martha shut down her chat room
so a group of the chatters
moved over to Yahoo and formed a group.

Through the years
this group of ladies have become very special to me
Lifelong friends.

Most of us got married
some had kids
some then got divorced
we have been through sickness and health
births and deaths
but stuck by each other
in good times and in bad.

The ladies are from all over
we have 3 in Canada,
1 in London, England
and the rest of them are sprinkled
throughout the USA.

You may know a couple of them yourselves
Kim, Simone & Zizette
for their beautiful blogs.

I cherish all these ladies
so I was very excited to be able
to meet up with 3 of them while I was in NYC

This is Zizette and her beautiful daughter Maya

This is Jae
she is our resident princess

This is Cindy and her cutie pie daughter
Maya wanted a picture with Alexis too!

We had a wonderful dinner and you know what
It was like sitting down with a bunch of friends
that I have known forever.

We are trying to get the group together
to finally meet in person
I know that some day it will happen
as I have faith.


8 comments: said...

What a nice memory to have from your trip. I used to breed cichlids and I met up with a few of the people that I had helped through the years in Chicago. We had a ball! It's weird how people you have never met in person can be your best friends.

Let me know when you come to Michigan. I would love to hang out with you and go junking! Or just hang out at the nearby winery. Or both!

Unknown said...

How fun! So great that you have this wonderful group of girls you can call friends...isn't it amazing how computers have changed our ability to make friends?!

:) T

Chez Zizi said...

You know I absolutely feel the same about you. You are so sweet. What an awesome post.
xoxo Zizette

Cathi said...

Lori - How wonderful that you were able to get together with all of your friends! I have a similar story - a few of my best friends ever I met on a online forum also and they live all over the country...we have gotten together several times over our shared interest and I tell you, they are my lifelines....they have gotten me thru some awfully sad times and vice versa and shared in all of our joys....the internet certainly has made our world alot smaller and for that I am very thankful..!
Have a wonderful evening, Lori!

mimi charmante said...

It will happen my dear, it will happen...
I look forward to that day my friend,

Unknown said...

What a great post Lori.....we are all very lucky to have each other.

One day we will meet up, I know it :) xoxo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How brilliant, Lori, to have met all of these women and that you were able to meet up with some of them.
Hopefuly, you will meet the others, someday and if you ever come to London, to meet Simone, I hope that I can join you for a 'you know what' !!!! XXXX

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What an incredible story of friendship. I look forward to the day to be able to meet some of my wonderful blogging buddies. I've been so blessed with meeting some fabulous people. Thanks for sharing with us Lori!