Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Oh winter
I am so tired of you
and your cold weather and snowstorms


I dream of spring and all it has to offer
but alas for now
I will embrace the wintertime.....


I adore these jars ~ I can see them lined up
ready for the next recipe


 I will be busy in the kitchen again this weekend
finishing up my cooking challenge recipes

I will do a wrap up the end of the month
and I am happy to report I have had more hits than misses
although Monday night we agreed
to throw one into the shredder ~ along with any leftovers


 pinned this and it sounds so yummy
anything with lemon
rocks my world ~ yeah I know
I am easy like that


so this week was trying
hard to put my optimistic foot forward
challenges ~ new is not easy
not feeling like you are being used to your full potential
makes you take a look at what you are doing
with fresh eyes and wondering if it is time for a change

time will tell


so besides cooking
the weekend will be spent nesting
recharging batteries
it will include some reading ~ a bubble bath
and maybe a movie

then I will curl up on Sunday night and watch the 
Oscars ~ although I have not seen any of the movies
I enjoy the red carpet arrivals ~ the fashions
all the beautiful people


I also have Monday off this week
a day for me

hoping for some inspiration
and checking things off my list



hoping the week has treated you well
that you have had more smiles than tears
and the weekend brings you laugher
and sunshine....


Young at Heart said...

fabulous images....want to go make big mug of coffee now ...and eat cookies....happy weekend!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
We had a touch of Spring last week but, we are now back to freezing temperatures and the promise of a few more flurries of snow !! ....... although, I shouldn't moan .... we get nothing like the amount of snow you get !!
This weather certainly makes you want comfort food doesn't it ?
Have a lovely weekend Lori and, cook up a storm ! XXXX

Cathi said...

Enjoy your weekend, Lori! I am sitting at the airport right now waiting to fly to Arizona ( a quick hour flight) to my family reunion on my dads side - mom will be there too! Can't wait to see everyone! hugs, love and sunshine to you, lovely lady! xxoo

Mikal said...

I wish I could sit and look at your photos all day long. Sigh...

I get the work/potential thing too. Going through it myself lately!

I need to catch up with my cooking challenge too. All of a sudden chaos took over my life and I haven't got to enjoy those plans or my photo a day stuff!

Yay for the weekend!

Leslie Harris said...

Lori, I like telling you my favorite photos, I hope you don't mind haha. I love the lemon tart OMG I have to have one now. And I loved seeing the quote by Princess Diana because I truly admired her. What a sad ending. I hope you hang in there at your job, it's always so hard to deal with changes but hopefully you feel valued where you're at. That's so important.
Leslie (Gwen Moss)

Farmgirl Paints said...

that picture of the lemon scrub...i could actually smell the lemons. how weird is that?? enjoy your cooking and cuddling. my folks are on their way and then we are having a houseful on Sunday. the girls are both getting baptized. it's going to be a really special few days:)

Barbara Lilian in France said...

just found your blog and loved it. Looks like you'll have to wait a little bit longer for any signs of spring. Maybe you'd like to pop over to my blog and see some first signs of spring in France.