Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Things

Hello Monday
so nice to see you 
this week ~ so don't get used to it!

while getting supper ready last night
I thought about the week-end 
and how it was the little things that made me happy

things like being able to help out family
when they needed fresh eyes
to look at some stuff that they have been dealing with
then sharing a great meal around the table

yes ~ the little things

like poached eggs on toast 
in a cold Sunday morning

fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm
while we were snuggled up and did not leave the house
even once yesterday

and trying a new recipe for supper
slowcooker saucy baked beans and ham

topped off with a good cuppa coffee
and cheesecake.

This week is booking up with appointments
and dates although I do hope to get a bit done 
around the house.

Thanks to all my new visitors ~ it is so nice to
see those comments and then go visit a new blog!

Hope you had a wonderful week-end
and that this week puts a smile on your face.



Anonymous said...

It's the first time for me. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....
Love from Italy.

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Lovely post and images as always. LOVE the first image.
Have a lovely week xx said...

I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT PEANUT! I was so hoping that you would mention him or did I miss this? Crap, now I have to backtrack! Love this post. Fuzzy socks and snuggling sounds good right now as the wind is howling fiercely outside!

Cathi said...
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Cathi said...

It's definitely the little things in life that matter the most and your weekend sounds wonderful! I hope you're having fun this vacation week. Sending you love and hugs! xxoo P.S. I jumped in a tiny puddle just for you....haha...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Sounds as if your weekend was wonderful. The food you made looks delicious. I wouldn't mind a bowl of your beans and ham, under a duvet whilst watching a good film !
Sorry that I've missed a few of your posts Lori....we seem to have been rather busy, helping our children move, decorate and babysit !!
Have a lovely new week and keep warm. XXXX

Unknown said...

Just found your's so lovely...a new follower!

KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

All those little things sound very nice :)