Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Smiles

I am getting ready to jump in the car
and do my best to assist in the US economy
but had to share a couple of things from the week-end

my peonies exploded
like Boom ~ gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

on the way to plant at the cemetery on Saturday
I stopped at a roadside stand that was selling
local strawberries!!

I was so excited ~ I almost did the happy dance in front of the guy

tell me these are local
he says "well they are from Nova Scotia"

that's a heck of a lot closer that the ones we get from 
California so I will take them!

so sweet and juicy ~ we all had one right out of the box and went

we spent yesterday at the camp
and I made strawberry rhubarb crumble 
with my newly found berries
recipe found here

nothing better than a bbq on a sunny Sunday
and a cold beer

I tried out this one that my FIL had
and I quite enjoyed it
sorry about the quality of the pics today
they are all from my phone!

after supper we lazed around a bit
then headed for home so I could prep for my trip

sometimes she gets settled in the weirdest places!

Have a wonderful week
and hope to be around soon to see everyone!



Mikal said...

There is nothing like fresh picked strawberries! I finally have some ready at home. I just have to get to them before Jake does!

I love that your peonies are now blooming... mine are done and at least I can look at your pretty pics!


Have fun in the States ... wish you were popping down to Chicago.

Cathi said...

Enjoy your vacation, Lori! xxoo

Melissa Blake said...

Nothing says summer quite like strawberries...yummy!

Unknown said...

Wow! I can't believe your peonies! mine are still just little buds . . . I really enjoyed your post today, Lori and I can't wait to see how your trip goes!