Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Good day sunshine

Friday has arrived once again
with the promise of more warm breezes
and yes dare I say it out loud
but sunshine


this week has been a good combo of relaxation
and let's get that done

after last week I knew something had to change
so I listened and took it easy



tonight we will go downtown for the Atlantic Nationals car show
yes ~ I go for the social aspect and the bands
not for the cars ~ although some of them are pretty!


then we will pack up and head to the cottage on Saturday morning
I am taking my book and my camera
not much care if I take anything else!


so while the boys are off playing with the 4 wheelers
I will wander on the beach ~ in a field

or you may find me in the hammock...

wishing you all a week-end full of laughter and smiles



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Have a lovely weekend Lori ..... yours always sound better than mine !! I am going to a 50th reunion at my senior school on Saturday. It is 50 years since we all walked through the school gates, fresh faced and somewhat nervous !!
.... and, on Sunday it is my husbands birthday so, a few celebratory drinks I think !
It was so lovely to finally meet Simone. We had a wonderful time and will be doing it again. I sent your love to her !
Have a lovely time this weekend. XXXX

Barbara The Healthy Nut said...

Thank you for a lovely stroll through your week. Your writing often suggests poetry to me. Are you writing poetry?

Farmgirl Paints said...

that porch made me gasp outloud. happy weekend lori dear. enjoy those cars;)

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Such GORGEOUS images. Made me start to relax just looking at them .
Have a lovely weekend xx

Monica said...

I feel relaxed just looking at these wonderful images...they're beautiful!

Mikal said...

Loving that porch too - One of my favorite pins lately!!

I hope your weekend was relaxing and you got lots of reading done. We have been going, going, going. I am SO exhausted! Sad when I am looking forward to going to work for a few days just to relax! LOL

Hugs to you!