Saturday, March 6, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

I have been missing in action

I have no excuse

I was doing nothing important

or exciting

I have been lazy

watching TV

and playing computer games

not blogging

or reading

or crafting


still here?
Wasn't that a party?

yes ~ I am talking about the Olympics
the world came




I am a very proud Canadian
and was going thru a bit
of withdrawal this week

I have a glowing heart


as for Week 7 weigh in

I was headed there after work on
Thursday night

in weather something like this

the roads were treacherous
a glare of ice

so I turned around
and came home
and ate a pizza

not really ~ but I would have

so I will work hard this week
so maybe I will have a big loss
next week

even though I had this for brunch today

bad girl ~ I know
but we had company in
from out of town
and they wanted to take us
for breakfast

shoot me now.

I think I kept you long enough
so tell me
was it worth the wait??



Delena said...

Good for you. Sometimes we all just need to do nothing. I need to slow down too. It is such a whirlwind of activity around here for us snowbirds that sometimes I am all funned out. eh, is funned out a word!!

Blondie's Journal said...


I am glad that you didn't go for the weigh in. It is not risking your life over! Maybe you will have lost double when you go this week...maybe not, but chin up!! ;-)

I enjoyed watching the Olympics but I am sad to say that I didn't as much as I wanted to. I am not much of a TV person but that is not a good excuse. I did keep track of the games through the news...does that count??


Farmgirl Paints said...

I missed you:) Knew you were glued to the screen! We watched a little of it. Honey and I were fascinated with the speed skating. Amazing!!

Anyway you were a bad girl, but understandable with company. That's so hard. You will probably hit big numbers this week. Sometimes a cheat will even help:)

Cathi said...

I have been doing the same thing, Lori...just relaxing after work, as it is truly hectic this time of year at the office. I truly enjoyed the Olympics and watched quite a bit of it, but not everything..!! Have a fabulous day, Lori...going to watch the Academy Awards? xxoo :)

RoseMary King said...

I thought the Olympics were terrific. Canada outdid herself with the greatest show I have ever watched for 14 days. I never missed a moment; it was just too perfect. Thanks Canada for sharing your wonderful country, people and spirit with the world. Many hugs for Lytle Texas.