Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasured Memories ~ Part 2

The Abandoned Farm

The abandoned farmhouse, dark alone and still
Stands stately yet high, on a windy hill
The windows stare, like eyes
Across the open field
The shutters rattle now and then
But do not yield
Against the winter chill and snowy blast
As the farmhouse contemplates the past

The rooms are empty, bleak and bare
No smell of baking in the air
Not talk or laughter and running steps
Of happy children with their pets
Silent now, it was not always so
When bursting with family not so long ago

The abandoned farmhouse stands alone and waits
For someone to once more, swing the wide gates
For warmth of crackling fires and glowing lights
On these long, dark and frigid nights
The farmhouse shivers but recalls with pride
When all the family was at home inside.

I found this poem years ago
in an old magazine called The Atlantic Advocate
it grabbed my heart then so I wrote it down
but never took note of the author's name

although I have searched for it on line
I cannot find the origin of this version

little did I know
when finding this so many years ago
that it would suit our little farm
so perfectly today

do you know how many times
I went down these stairs
on my bottom as a kid??!!

it breaks my heart

but I do know
that the memories of good times there
will live in my heart forever...

so with the blessings of the family
we spent the afternoon

taking pictures
laughing over memories
and had a good cry too

we loaded the memory cards of our cameras
and some treasures that meant something to us
nothing of value ~ as that was not our goal

we did a little photo shoot
with our treasures the following morning

so more of that to come....


Mikal said...

What a beautiful place to grow up and play. The poem is so lovely and fitting!

I hope the memories fill you forever, thanks for sharing. said...

Love everything about this post. I wish our farmhouse had the character that yours does. Love all the old fittings. Just gorgeous!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh that makes me sad. I can't imagine my childhood farmhouse abandoned and alone...yet someday that will be me. It looks full of charm. If I was close I'd want to live there:)

Cathi said...

What a wonderful poem - so fitting for your farmhouse memories...beautiful heartfelt post, Lori!! xxoo :)

My Painted Porch said...

Was that your grandparents farmhouse you spoke of Lori? Very fitting poem and beautiful post...I felt each line. Thanks for visiting our blog...I hope to see you back again :-)!

City Girl said...

You brought tears to my eyes...