Monday, July 12, 2010

A Walk on the Beach

Saturday we packed up
and headed to the shore

it was HOT in town
and we needed some salt air
a breeze off the water

once we got settled in
we headed to the beach

it was hazy ~ foggy
but there was a breeze

the temperature had dropped
14 degrees

from our house ~ to the cottage

the tide was out
bbut we poked along
looking for treasures

our beach is rocky
but a treasure trove
for cool things

driftwood abound
this beach has character

my Aunt Sue arrived Thursday night
from Ontario
she grew up on this beach
and it was good for her to be home

some yummy treats along the shore....

this is my cousin Heather and her boyfriend Tom
checking everything out
and introducing him to "down east"

this is the road from the beach

you can see why they are having to do all the work
as it is down to one lane in a couple of places

we walked down to Grampy's beach
and back again

and I found some flowers

along with remnants of an old bonfire

wild roses and daisies

here are some of the treasures we found on our walk

along with this...
I think I will use it as a door stop.

I hope everyone had a great week-end

and I hope you all have a fabulous week!


7 comments: said...

Your beach and the pics are stunning Lori! What a great place to take a walk. I even put my monitor up to my ear and I could hear the surf. These pics make me miss the east coast. I just loved those misty overcast days for long walks.

Mikal said...

LOVE that doorstop! We've changed camping plans again and now headed to the beach to camp. I can't wait... and am oh so grateful to not be living with the mosquitos!

Have a great week!

mimi charmante said...

I absolutely adore going to the shore - there is something so restful and romantic about it - even with my sweet boys! I would really like to try and do it this summer, if we can find some free time~
Have a wonderful week my friend!

Farmgirl Paints said...

What a fun day. Nothing quite like picking up treasures on the beach. Yours were pretty interesting;)

this free bird said...

this looks so relaxing and wonderful. love your doorstop treasure!

D. Jean Quarles said...

What a great beach. Lovely pics too.

Young at Heart said...

what lovely photos and I just love your treasures...