Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm From the Country.....

Hold onto your hats
as this is going to be a long one....

although I love our little town
and living thisclose to everything
a part of me will always be a country girl

if you know my story
you also know that most of my week-ends
growing up
were spent on my grandparents farm

this shot was taken there
along with the next 3

it truly is a beautiful spot
I call it my little piece of heaven...

this is me and my Dad
as you can tell ~ I was not impressed
at all!

these ones now ~ are kind of cute!

we had a swing in the barn
Grampy would open the big double doors
and I would swing for hours and hours

I do tend to gravitate
towards shots like this

they bring out the country girl in me

oh what I would do to see a field full of bluebells!

so I cannot mention my country roots
and not include one of my loves
country music

I was raised on Charley Pride

and Patsy Cline

this is a little party
circa early 80's
there was a lot of singing and dancing
going on that night!

Over time ~ new acts would come and go

George Strait is an alltime favorite
along with


Alan Jackson

Brooks & Dunn

Tim & Faith

Garth & Trisha
I was so excited when they hooked up

and newer acts like

Keith Urban

Lady Antebellum

I made note of these guys a couple of years ago
and I am so pleased that they are doing so well.

so dust off the guitar
and do some pickin' and grinnin'

take a walk down a country road

pluck out a piece of hay
and stick it between your teeth
and you will be all set!

Thank you once again
for letting me ramble along
and share some of my loves.



Unknown said...

Oh Lori....this was absolutely gorgeous, I feel like getting in my car and driving to the countryside RIGHT NOW!!

What wonderful memories you have of your grandparents house, they will never leave you....

Happy Week-end sweetie! xoxo said...

I am with you! I love the country. I wish that we lived more in the country. Course I may have to get up before the crack of dawn to feed critters. But what a great life it would be! Love all the pics. This was the perfect post to check out before I head off to the Farmer's Market! Thank you for the inspiration AGAIN!

Chez Zizi said...

Awesome post Lori. Love all the photos and memories.

Mikal said...

Love, Love, LOVE it!

Charlie Pride left me smiling... I used to grab my mom's wooden spoon and sing his songs to my audience of little siblings when I played his album. I alternated with Tanya Tucker and my Dad told me I sang Delta Dawn better than Tanya ever could! Silly man...

I would love to see a field of blue bells like that gorgeous photo you posted... it is stunning!

Happy weekend to you,


Farmgirl Paints said...

Gotta say I'm a little bit country too. LOVE Lady Antebellum. My friend actually got to go to Garth Brooks house for dinner and met Trisha and everything. I was so jealous:)

Cathi said...

What an awesome post, Lori...My sister lives in the country in Northern Californa - so I get my country fix when I visit...(I am mainly a city girl, but definitely love love love getting out to the country).

Your memories about weekends with your grandparents are so wonderful - you were a lucky girl!

Have an awesome weekend, Lori...I am leaving for Vegas in the am and I can't wait! xxoo :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

One of my favorite Wildflower Posts evah!
I love this, it's you, and that's what I love the most.
We were country when country wasn't cool.....
Love those two little cows, have me squealing like a little piglet.