Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Canada!

Red is my favorite color
and I love red & white together

so today I chose
these colors


to celebrate Canada Day

a little bit of Canadiana...

the RCMP musical ride

No matter what you decide to do today

don't forget to

wave the flag

enjoy the fireworks

and have a

We are headed to the local festivities today
which include eating cake,
listening to some local bands, a bbq
and people watching.

Tonight we are getting together with our neighbors
for game night
we will walk down to the riverfront around 10:00
to enjoy the fireworks

I will have my camera in hand
so look for some pictures
coming soon...




this free bird said...


What a treat! You weren't kidding when you said I'd love Thursday. The Chuck's are so great - I'd totally wear those shoes! And I own that t-shirt (thanks brother!).

From the RCMP to the flowers, the flag and everything in between - this is a truly terrific post. Thanks so much from all the way down here in California! I would love to be at home, especially today of all days.

Hope you have a great bbq (eat some cake for me!)


Unknown said...

Fab post Lori....Happy Canada to you my friend, have fun!! xoxo

erica said...

What a fabulous post! I am from the states buy my BFF lives in Canada so I am definitely sending her a link to this she'll love it! Just found your blog and it's absolutely lovely! You have a new follower :]

xo enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

ha! these are all so funny!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh Lori...I love the loyalty and pure pride you have in being Canadian. It really shines through. Enjoy your holiday:) Can you imagine that body painting photo shoot? Unbelievable:o

Mikal said...

Have a fabulous day and celebration!

Cathi said...

What a wonderful post, Lori! Loving each and everyone of those photos! Your day sounds FABULOUS! Enjoy it! Happy Canada Day, my friend! xxoo :) said...

Happy Canada day to you my friend! Love all the pics but the bulldog is the cutest! I will be wearing my headband all day in honor of you!