Friday, July 2, 2010

11 Candles

It is a very special day today

a day for celebration

for my little "sweet pea"
is 11 today

I was not there
the day she was born

I was on vacation
in Ontario at the time
1000 miles away

she was born in distress
and was placed in the NICU

I was so far away
and my heart ached
as I wanted to meet my niece

when I came home
5 days later
my first stop from the airport
was the hospital

she was so tiny
and jaundiced
she had been diagnosed
with a heart murmur
and had 2 holes in her heart

it was then I nick named her
"sweet pea"

today she is healthy and happy
she still goes for her follow up appointments
every 6 months

I cannot believe how much she has grown
she is turning into a little lady

and a whole lot of fun
she is so much like our side of the family
it warms my heart

she loves to laugh
and has the best sense of humor
she is a constant tease
so much like her Dad

she will always be my sweet pea...

Happy Birthday Sam

Love you lots & lots!



Unknown said...

She is absolutely beautiful Lori, just so lovely :)

11 years old already though - where did that time go??!!

Happy Week-end to you my friend :) xoxo

Mikal said...

What an awesome Auntie you are! I love the name Sweet Pea... that's what my dad called me growing up.

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

and she is gorgeous!! And a miracle indeed said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! How fun to be 11. She certainly has grown into a beautiful young lady. Time sure does fly. How sweet to have an Aunt like you to give her this wonderful tribute!

Cathi said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Sam (that is my fave name too!) Have a wonderful weekend, Lori! P.S. I am so enjoying all of your wonderful posts! xxoo :)

this free bird said...

Oh Lori this is so wonderful. What a little trooper your niece is. Happy Birthday to her!!

And thank YOU for your kind comments on the spill. I didn't even know if anyone would comment at all and you got right in my head with your response. I hope you had a super Canada Day and thanks so much for the cheers! I'll be sending one right back at you this weekend. :)


Lou said...

Hi Lori - she is beautiful - how lucky she is to have an Auntie like you. Have a great weekend - family is what it's all about. Lou x