Wednesday, July 6, 2011

London Calling

Canada is all in a frenzy
because the royals are here

what I haven't caught on tv
I have been trying to catch on line

they were in Ottawa for Canada Day
enjoying the festivities

of course  they have been on the go non-stop
and the crowds just love them

I have always been a bit of a royal watcher
so it has been fun watching them throughout their visit

and the fashions ~ oh the fashions
she is so lovely

Monday they were in the Maritimes
and I would have loved to have taken the day off
to head to Prince Edward Island
to just get a glimpse

William took part in a waterbird emergency water landing
in a Canadian military Sea King helicopter 

and then both of them in a dragon boat race


Tuesday they arrived in Yellowknife
I love looking at the pictures on line each night
as they look like they are having so much fun
although they must be exhausted!

today they head to Alberta
so there will be more fun and fashions to come

are you caught up in royal fever??

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Chez Zizi said...

I love the red hat and red shoes. She is absolutely stunning. They look so happy. Thanks for the photos. Have a great day!

Donna said...

Thanks SO much for sharing these pictures; they're different than the ones we see in the States. I LOVE watching this couple - what a breathe of fresh air! She's stunning and both of them look so genuine and in love. The Royal family must be so pleased - am I the only one hoping the Queen skips over her son and appoints William King instead of Charles?

Cathi said...

I also love reading all the royal coverage in Canada. They are heading down here to LA soon too, very exciting! They are so adorable together. xxoo

Jeffrey said...

Great photos. Really nice collection. I love stories in pictures and just a little bit of description. London Cleaners.

kimberly said...

Honestly, has a couple EVER looked so glamourous, so happy, or so in love??? I absolutely ADORE them and so appreciate you sharing all of these photos as I hadn't seen most of them~
Yes, I too have the fever...

Farmgirl Paints said...

not caught up no, but she's super cute. i can't imagine how skinny she must look in person. yikes! said...

Lovely pics. I am not that much into the Royals, but they are a lovely couple. Reminds me of when Charles and Diana were first married. Here is hoping that maybe you get a glimpse!

Mikal said...

Love the sweet faces of the little kids!