Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Memories

Sunday night has arrived
and I am feeling refreshed and well rested

while I am waiting for Big Brother to come on
I thought I would sit and catch you up
on what I have been doing 
and where I have been

although it has only been a week
it seems like I have been gone forever!

As you know I had 4 extra people here 
the last couple of weeks
they used our place for a home base
and then left from here

it is so nice to see family from far away
and really ~ they are not company
other than cleaning the house before they got here
I hardly did a thing other than some laundry
and set the coffee pot for the morning
meals were a joint effort and I never did dishes
gotta love that!

my Aunt Sue is Dad's youngest sister
she married late and had her children later
so there is about a 20+ span between me
and her daughters

she was always the fun one
she would take us out drinking
when we were younger
we had some great times

whenever someone comes "home" from Ontario
one of the must do things is to eat seafood

we took them out to a little place along the coast
I had heard rave reviews about this little take out
and it was well worth the drive

Trev & I actually split an order and we were stuffed
the seafood comes on one plate and the fries on another!

Heather, Sue, Tom & Allison

nothing fancy ~ good food and good prices
we will take another trip out here this summer

we took the scenic route home
and through the town of Shediac
which boasts the largest lobster in the world
so we had to stop for the photo op

I found this one on line as I did not take one from this angle...

there are little shops with fun things to pose with
along the boardwalk

Allison & Heather strike a pose

caught in the act!


it was a night we all needed as we had spent the day
at the hospital.  I am happy to say that Uncle Bobby is home
and housebound now for a month.  He is not a happy boy!
The results came back and there was no permanent damage to his
heart ~ so that is a good thing.

The week-end was spent at the cape and we had a little family gathering
on Saturday.  It was a smaller crowd than what we are used to
but there was plenty of good food, drinks and memories made.

after supper we had a little fire
and sat around to catch up ~ tell stories
and laugh

it got a little chilly
so Dianne put socks on with her flip flops
and her "hooves" were created!

So Friday they pulled out for the long drive home
tears were shed and Aunt Sue joked that now we had our
house back....

so this week-end I did a few things
but relaxed as well ~ Saturday we spent the afternoon at the pool
with Samantha ~ she is a fish!

I got some blog reading in this morning
and hope to be back on a more normal schedule this week

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end!


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Looks like so much fun, Lori. I love all of your pictures. I have a couple of "fun aunts" too - and I love them ;) I would love to visit Canada someday and explore!

Donna said...

SO grateful to see I'm not the only one adding socks to the comfort of sandals! My guys are usually mortified when I do this! Thanks Dianne!

Chez Zizi said...

Sounds like some nice family time. It's always nice.

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh so fun. love the hoof you've got me wanting seafood something awful!

Blondie's Journal said...

How fun!! It was a busy but happy week for you! I love these pictures, it looks like everyone was happy and enjoying their stay! You are a wonderful hostess!


Delena said...

Glad to find a fellow Big Brother watcher. I have watched every year and almost every episode for 13? years. I also love seafood and never get the good stuff here in Alberta. Sigh...

Mikal said...

So happy to hear you feeling refreshed and full of family love. I adore when my family gets together like this. We can all laugh about life and remember wonderful stories. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Hugs to you,


kimberly said...

Sounds like you had such a nice time with family there. I am such a sap and always cry when people leave~
I so want to sit around with you and yours at "the cape" - I have always wanted to visit a "cape"!!!
Have a fabulous week my friend~
xx said...

As always, your weekend sounds like heaven. Love the seafood! My tummy is now growling. I wish that we lived closer to the coast. I keep saying I want to take the kids to the island I lived on with my sister. Have yet to do it though. So glad that your uncle is doing better. That is great news! Now to make him follow doctor orders which is no easy task!

Loved your comment on the live strong post I did. You always know the right thing to say! I have to say that I prefer it to WW. If I overeat, I just know I have to do some activity. I do believe I have the dog worn out from walking. She will come in and not move until morning!

this free bird said...

I love these kinds of visits--they are just the best. Low maintenance and filled with memories.

And now about Big Brother--is DANIELLE GONE YET?? UGH!!

now that that's off my chest...


Cathi said...

Sounds like a fabulous time with your family, Lori...So glad Uncle Bobby is recovering nicely! I had a nice visit with my family too and a new baby to visit!! Have a wonderful week, dear friend! xxoo :)