Monday, July 11, 2011


Like most cities and towns
the main street areas
or downtown 
used to be a shopping mecca

then came the mall
and then the power centers
and our little downtown areas wilted away

I have lived here most my life
so I have seen the transformations that have happened
through the years

I will never forget visiting Woolworths with my
grandmother ~ wanting to go on the
"moving stairs" then grabbing a stool at
the counter and having an orange pop

our main street area is full of
restaurants, bars and little shops
along with offices galore
it is alive ~ the way is was back in the 70's.

There are not many times
you can walk down the middle of the street
and get some pictures of the old heritage buildings
that now stand next to more modern office space

Friday night was one of those times
as we went to the Atlantic Nationals
which is boasted as Canada's largest auto event

now I am not a car nut
I go for the social aspect of it all
and there were some pretty cool cars too!

it was a beautiful evening ~ sun was out
which made picture taking not the best
but I snapped a few that I really liked

a shot up Main

and down

love me a little Chevy truck
with this in the back window

red & white baby!

now I saved this one for last
it was my dream car in high school

a black Trans-am with the eagle on the hood
t-bar sunroof and red interior

it would not be my first pick today
but let's just say I would not turn it down.

Saturday was a rain event here so it was a perfect day
for cleaning as I did not feel I was missing anything

Sunday was low key for me
as I took some time out in the sunshine with my book
while Trev installed baseboards
and finished hanging blinds and curtain rods
the house is ready for company
which should be arriving in a couple of hours
as I type this on Sunday night.

Hope you all had a great week-end
and that the week ahead brings sunshine and laughter.

2 comments: said...

Love the old buildings and the old cars! Funny that the TA was your dream car in high school! Mine too! I went out with a guy who had one just cause he had one. What a dork! I think it lasted about a week and then I realized I really couldn't stand him, I just loved his car! Good times! Enjoy your company this week! Can't wait to hear about your antics! Have a cocktail for me!

Cathi said...

I went to a car show similiar to this a few weeks back in my sisters town - we actually were picking up some Mexican food and had to walk thru the car show, but it was fun to look at the car. My dream car back in my high school days would have been the VW Van, as I was a little hippie girl back in the day! haha....Have a wonderful time with your guests! P.S. I have finally figured out this Blogger/commenting issue...grrrrr