Friday, July 15, 2011


The last couple of days have been ones of
tears and joy

Wednesday morning I had only been at work about an hour
when I got a call from my Aunt that is here on vacation
and staying at our place

she wanted directions to the hospital
never a good thing when you are on vaca

so I say ~ who got hurt
thinking that some one tripped or 
cut themselves slicing a bagel

her response was not what I expected at all
"Bobby had a heart attack last night"

Bobby ~ is my Uncle
Dad's brother
just turned 64 in May

and since Dad's passing ~ we have become closer
a lot closer than we used to be

I will back track a bit now
to the tough guy ~ the one that hates hospitals
the one that spent a lot of week-ends in the woods with Dad
cutting wood for the winter or hunting
they were buddies

so when Dad had his stroke
Uncle Bobby was at the hospital 
every single day...

he lost his best friend the same day I lost my father

so after the funeral he was in the corner
taking some time and talking with my best friend
what she said to me after their talk
brought fresh tears to my eyes

he said
I know that I could never replace Dave
but I would be honored to walk in his shoes that day
and walk Lori down the aisle

I took him up on that offer
and we have been closer ever since

so back to this week
I gave Aunt Sue directions
hung up the phone
and sobbed

after calming down and speaking to some friends
I left work and took that walk down the hallway
to Cardiac Intensive Care
not knowing what I was going to find when I got there

he was sitting up and cracked a joke when I walked through the door
I heaved a sigh of relief and gave him a big hug and kiss

he was transported to another hospital that afternoon
one with a top notch cardiac unit

Thursday brought tests where they found blockages
they put in a stint and although he is still having some pain
should make a full recovery

Gina & I with Uncle Bobby on my wedding day

So we are awaiting word today to see if he will be transferred back to
the hospital here or sent home

I am breathing a sigh of relief
and thanking God for answering my prayers.


Unknown said...

Phew indeed, so glad that he is doing well Lori, what a fright you had though....will be thinking of you all....

Lovely photos of you :) xx


Such good news about your sweet uncle. And . . . loved seeing you on your wedding day.

Glenda said...

Oh Sweetie, I wish that I could do something for you. I will be saying a prayer for your Uncle Bobby to keep on improving. My heart goes out to you my friend. Love the pics of you on your wedding day. So nice that he wanted to be a part of your special day and that you welcomed him. You truly are a special person. BTW, you look stunning!

Lissa said...

Lori~ I'm so glad to hear that her is doing okay now and in good hands! I pray for a full recovery for him. What a great man to be so close to you!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
Poor Uncle Bobby. I am sure that the hospital will get him back on his feet and back to his old self again. It must have been an awful shock for you and a reminder of the sad time when your dad was ill. I will be sending healing vibes over to dear Uncle Bobby and wish him a speedy recovery. Much love.
ps: gorgeous images of your wedding day. XXXX

Lisa said...

Definitely NOT a phone call you ever want to receive. Good to hear he's on the mend. You're blessed to have each other!

Cathi said...

What precious photos of you and Uncle Bobby and I am so happy to hear that he is doing well! Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery! Happy weekend, sweet Lori! xxoo :)