Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry season is winding down here
and that my friends ~ makes me sad

I have saved some for the freezer
and we had a great feed of shortcake
made with sweet biscuits
simply the best

not to mention strawberry rhubarb crumble
which I made twice
with french vanilla ice cream
can you say love

I will head out to the market on Friday night
and scoop up some more
as I see jam in my future...

Hope you are having a fabulous week
we are tired ~ late nights up talking
then work all day and doing it all again

there have also been some spectacular light shows
the last 2 nights ~ Trev loves a good thunder and lightening storm

tonight we will head out to the shore
for a feast of seafood

I will remember to take my camera
I promise!

Happy Wednesday!

8 comments: said...

Mmmm, it all sounds so good and there are no recipes?! No fair! Your week sounds so lovely. I know you are enjoying your company. Now I am off to try to figure out how to make those lovely little chocolate cups with strawberries in your second photo. They look so yummy!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Yum. I had some really good berries this year. There is nothing like it. Have fun tonight:)

The Mad Twins said...

mmm... delicious pictures :)

Lissa said...

I haven't even had an strawberry shortcake yet this year! I'd better get on that stat!

Rozpustilá said...

Mňam, that looks great. I really like your pictures.

Mikal said...

I'm still waiting for good berries to show up... headed to Mom-in-law this weekend, and hoping to find some fresh picked! Farm Chicks posted a "picnic pies" made with strawberries, and it looks so yummy!

Hope your weekend is good, and everything is ok with your uncle.

Hugs to you sweets,



We had delicious strawberries and cherries for dinner tonight . . . but strawberry shortcake sounds even better.


this free bird said...