Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Special Day

Today I celebrate
November 20th is a very special day indeed

as 3 people that I adore
are having a birthday today!

first up is my best girl ~ my cousin ~ Gina
I love her like a sister
we are the proverbial 2 peas in a pod
and I miss her so

this is the first year in a long time
that we have not been able to see each other
busy schedules and distance have kept us apart

so today I celebrate her ~ I love you to pieces 

next up in Gordie
he is Trevor's bestie
best man in our wedding
and one of the best people I have ever met

Gordie loves the cottage ~ and can't sit still
he always has a project on the go
and enjoys a good game of crib and a drink of rye

he is a forever friend and although we don't get together as often
as we should ~ I love getting the call that he is coming for a visit

last and certainly not least
is someone that is very special to me

although I have not yet met her in person
we have known each other about 12 years or so
long before the blogging days

she is one of those people that lift me up when I am feeling down
her smile is contagious
and I love her heart

so today I raise my glass and toast these 3 beautiful hearts
that mean so much to me

I wish you all the most beautiful day ever

Lots & Lots & Lots of Love!


bec said...

lovely post dedicated to 3 wonderful people obviously very special to you.
Bec x

Blondie's Journal said...

This is so sweet...you have a lot of celebrating to do!!


this free bird said...

aww this is so nice, Lori! Happy Birthday to your peeps!

Cathi said...

Lots of celebrating all around! Hugs and smiles! xxoo

Jeane M. said...

Cheers for the very special day! Hope they'll continue to paint smiles on your days. :) Got my eye on your next posts.