Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tickle Your Scentses

As I arrived home last night
I could smell a wood fire burning in the neighbourhood
and it made me smile

it reminded me of home
fires in the stove ~ one of Dad's small fires
which would turn the room tropical

it is smells like that which take you back
and nudges the memories forward

Estee Lauder Youth Dew
will always remind me of my Aunt Jeanne

signature scents from those that mean the world to you
White Diamonds for Mom
Shalimar for Gina...

lemon is a sign of clean

pine is for Christmas

after a rain in the Spring
it smells like worms
yes it does!

of course I could go on and on and on
but I won't

I just had to share one of the things that made me smile.

Mom's procedure went well
and she is safe and sound at home
she is a trooper!

Hope your week is going well
and I would love to hear about some of your
favourite smells....


Blondie's Journal said...

So glad to hear your mother is doing well...hurray! My mom used to wear Youth Dew and I tried it a few times. It was VERY strong, a little went a long way. Your are so right about the worm smell after the rain and also on the boat when we are fishing!! :)


Mikal said...

Oh girlie, I've been so busy that I haven't been here to check in and now I read about your mom's procedure. SO HAPPY all is well, and know that I'll be praying for continued health. My siblings and I need to have these same conversations with our parents and I think they are having a harder time with it than us.

I just LOVE all your posts lately (caught up this morning) and I am SO ENVIOUS of your organizational skills! Something is wrong with that part of my Aries psyche!!)

Love to you!

Cathi said...

So glad your moms procedure went well and she is back at home! I would like to be sitting in that first photo right now - it's so cozy! Let me see, the smells that I love this time of year is apple cinnamon, vanilla, pine and coffee, of course! xxoo