Thursday, June 20, 2013

Petals and the Junior Prom

I have been on peony watch the last week or so
and was rewarded for my patience with these

they are gorgeous ~ aren't they??!!

another gorgeous site tonight was this piece of my heart
my niece ~ Samantha

I walked into the house ~ there early to take some pictures
and she took my breath away
I had to hold back the tears

with her little sister

I thought that this was a wonderful message they had up for the students

 the gym was decorated in a 70's theme
with a big disco ball ~ I wanted to stay for the dance!!

poor thing ~ there were 2 of us following her around
like the paparazzi ~ I think she was happy to hear that we were heading out
and leaving her with her friends to enjoy the night

this is her with her Dad ~ my brother 

the 3 sisters with their little cousin

with her best buds

a last shot with me and my girls ~  Kat & Sam ~ it was a beautiful night.


Leslie Harris said...

Samantha is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad you were there to see her in her pretty dress with her friends. Isn't it funny how the70s seems like the old days to the kids? But I still love listening to that music haha. What a fun theme for the dance.
Leslie aka Gwen Moss

Unknown said...

Samantha looks beautiful Lori & what a great theme for the Prom, love the 70s music!! Xx

Cathi said...

What a beautiful girl Samantha is - I love her dress! I too had 70's music at my prom - but it was considered current music at the time. Haha! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous - I have enjoyed watching and waiting for them to bloom by way of your photos! Happy weekend my friend! Steff and Tyler have been home for a few days but are heading back up north tomorrow! xxoo