Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Potpourri

You know what day it is
it's time to exhale after a long cool and rainy week

hello Friday....


it has been a slower paced week
one that was needed and that I was thankful for
as it has been so busy at work

time to make the donuts and bring home the bacon!



the weekend looks promising
looking forward to see that bright yellow orb in the sky

heading to the cottage on Saturday
sheets all washed up and ready to go back on the beds

then to the cemetery to plant some flowers
pansies for Daddy


I made crisp this week ~ it is so good
I cannot wait for the local strawberries ~ should not be long now


I have something to share with you
if you know my friend Kim ~ you already know how big her heart is

well she is headed to Africa this summer with her Mama
to go here and open the doors to the newly built orphanage


she is having an auction on her blog
it starts on Monday and goes through until Wednesday
head on over to read about it here and bookmark it for Monday morning!

I am quite excited as there are some beautiful things to bid on
and one of those things is a collection of goods here from Atlantic Canada
all are local and will be up for grabs next week.

Of course Sunday is Father's Day
so we will pack up and head to the camp
to spend time with Trev's Dad.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of sunshine & smiles



Farmgirl Paints said...

That crisp looked so yummy. Made my stomach growl. Uganda can you imagine. So excited for Kim. Excited to have a little part in it:-)


Glad your week has been a bit slower.


ps. Why do donuts always look so good?

Anonymous said...

I love Fridays, I had a great weekend being able to see some of my family and enjoy the weather. Even when it rained we were able to watch birds as they came by our feeder. That crisp looks delicious. We just got our strawberries and there are a lot of flats in our market now.

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