Monday, June 10, 2013

Round Here

Not sure why I felt the need to write tonight
maybe because the sun is out
and it is warm ~ hot really ~ nice after a cold rainy weekend

I got home and started supper
then grabbed my camera ~ my actual camera
and walked the yard

I find that I am taking most of my pictures these day on my phone
so I needed some shutter action
some weight ~ some zoom

the gardens are loving the rain and then the heat
everything is up ~ blooming
colour everywhere and I love it

the last of the lilacs.... sigh

happy little faces

on peony watch ~ I cannot wait to come home one of these nights
to big pink blossoms

a rainy weekend should mean lots of indoor work done ~ right

yeah ~ no ~ not so much
I didn't even putter around in the craft room
I was just a slug ~ nap ~ eat ~ repeat

one thing I did get accomplished was I watched the dvd I got for my birthday
I then perused the internet to see if they were playing somewhere nearby this summer
as I want to see them again after watching this

double sigh!

For as much as I did not get done on Saturday
I was on fire on Sunday


a machine I tell you!

I finished my memory board
well almost ~ trying to figure out what I am going to use to finish it off

 and I am quite pleased with my little bouquet of button flowers
vintage buttons out of the tin from the farm
I love it and I think the black frame suits it


 I leave my rambling with a shot of my baskets this year
love me those million bells!

Hope you had a great weekend 
and that Monday was kind.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the tour of your yard... it looks like our gardens are at about the same stage as each other. It's great that you got your craft on! I'm trying...

Cathi said...

I love all the flowers in your yard, so beautiful! I need to get back to gardening someday, that is seriously lacking in my life! You sound like you were pretty darn productive this weekend. I did the Alzheimer's walk early Sunday morning and then went to lunch with some of my team partners/girlfriends and after that I relaxed all day - did absolutely nothing (well a couple things...ha!). Have a fabulous evening, sweet friend! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your photographs are wonderful Lori ..... you have so much colour in your garden.
..... and, I love your little button picture, you clever thing you !!
Also, there have been a few documentaries on The Eagles this week ..... I LOVE their music. We saw them a few years ago at Wembley Stadium. I looked to see if they were on tour again over here but I don't think that they are. I shall have to look out to see when they are over here again.
Enjoy the sunshine Lori, and your garden. XXXX

Leslie Harris said...

Lori you took such wonderful shots of your garden. I was just outside myself trying to take a few and I can appreciate the different angles. Love the ones from on top. Also I think your button flowers are adorable. I didn't realize you were quite the crafter!
Leslie aka gwen moss

Leslie Harris said...
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Mikal said...

Love, Love, LOVE your version of the flower buttons! Turned out so cute!!

I can't believe you have lilacs still and peonies too - all of mine are gone and it was such a quick bloom season here. The rain/sun combo made everything crazy.

I do have all my summer flower pots ready to go and am happy with them (as long as the slugs leave them alone!)

Your weekend sounded like mine. We've got to have those days to do nothing - good for the soul!! :)



Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You MUST have a way with flowers and gardening! What beautiful blooms!