Monday, April 9, 2012

Filled Up

Today I am full of gratitude
I am such a lucky girl

this week-end was not a kick back and relax kind of week-end
we had plans ~ big plans
and we hit it head on Friday morning

last winter I redid the master bedroom
new quilt ~ paint ~ headboard ~ curtains

it was completed except for flooring and a ceiling fan

we finally found flooring in August
but never got a chance to lay it until now

so Friday was prep day
empty the room
pull up the carpet
sneeze clean sneeze
holy crap ~ it was nasty

I pulled up all the staples and Trev worked on the old baseboards
then it was his turn.

Saturday we had a little surprise on our doorstep
the flowers in the first shot
from thebestneighborsever!
I truly do love them

I told Trev if we ever win the lottery and build our dream house
we will have to make sure we build them one next door!

This stuff did not go down as easy as the stuff we got for the hall
and other bedrooms
but it looks nice ~ love the darker shade and the wider plank style
of the boards

so now with it almost complete
I am on the search for a new fan
wish me luck!

so while he was sawing
I decided to do some sewing

I had a piece of an old quilt from the farm and a blanket
that I remember being snuggled up in as a child

a little bit of thread and a couple of cheap pillows
and voila ~ a cushion with loads of history
oh the stories it could tell

I actually made 2 but only had enough batting to fill one
so the other one will get stuffed as soon as I get to the store
after all ~ all the hard stuff is done!

we awoke on Christmas Easter morning to snow!
not real impressed but at least it will not hang around for long now

I made my favorite brunch of Eggs Benedict
we relaxed a bit
then packed up some wine and dessert
and headed to Trev's cousins for Easter dinner

there were 14 of us gathered round 2 tables
drinking wine ~ eating great food and laughing
I love to laugh!

So I am filled up with love, food and laughter
we had a great week-end

I hope you did too
what did you do ~ I would love to hear??

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Wow, what a really great - and productive - go girl!!

Cannot believe you had snow....and those cushions are wonderful, such a lovely thing to do. I have a collection of fabrics & some of O's old toddler clothes & I want to make a quilt or a cushion with them, I just need someone to help me with my sewing machine.....wish you were here (not for the first time!!)

Have a good week Lori Xx

Rachael said...

We had a mixed bag of weather too. There was snow on the mountain tops, a touch of sunshine one day but mainly just grey and wet. Rx

Sympathy Flowers said...

It's a very interesting post.

Cathi said...

You did have quite the productive weekend. I love the pillows that you made, such a fabulous piece of history for you. We will be pulling out the carpet in our bedroom sometime this summer and will refinish the floors underneath, as that is the only room that has carpet. I love the dark/wide planks - very nice! I had a very slow kick back weekend of just trying to kick this bronchitis' ass and I have to tell you, I am very tired of sitting around....Have a fab week, my friend! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Your floor looks fandabbydozy !! You and Trev have worked SO hard..... and, to make that cushion was such a great many memories. I never thought to do that !! Doh !!
We have had family, and grandson and lovely Easter meals this Easter weekend .... who could ask for more ?
....and, your neighbours are definitely keepers. From what you have told us about them over the 3 years that I have 'known' you, they need to receive the 'Neighbours of the Year' Award !! XXXX

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Those floors look AMAZING, Lori! What a beautiful finish :)



Blondie's Journal said...

Good work in the bedroom...I could not have been there for the pulling up of the carpet with my allergies. I applaud you! The new floor looks fabulous! Please show us the room when it's completed.

Your Easter sounds like it was wonderful. SNOW!! I don't remember what that looks like! lol! But you had a great time with family and friends and that's all that counts. Have a lovely week!