Monday, April 16, 2012

Connecting with Nature...

What a great week-end

the weather was beautiful
and I was  up with the birds both days
not that THAT is a good thing
as I do love my sleep
 but I enjoyed every last minute of it

Saturday I met my cousin at the market
and we shopped and ate
drank coffee and chatted
and ran into friends
talked, hugged, laughed
it was a perfect morning

Trev got the flooring completed
he is a good boy
and as soon as the baseboards are up
I will do my "reveal"!

Sunday we grabbed Mom and headed to the cape

checked out the cottage ~ still standing ~ check!

no sign of critters ~ check check!

we hooked up the rain barrel so when it comes time
to go down and clean I will have water
rustic rustic I tell ya!

it's nice to see things popping up out of the ground
little green sprouts

we have some work ahead of us though
there are so many dead trees
we need to get in there with the chain saw
thin out and drag the wood down to the beach
for future bonfires!

Mom and Molly playing with a stick
hard to say who is winning
but let's say Mom gave in first

was on the search for some pussy willows
and although I did not look THAT hard
I only found one little bush

maybe I will have better luck next spring.

Wishing you all a wonderful week
and I hope you had a great week-end.



Blondie's Journal said...

It seems there is always a lot of hard work before we can do the things we love. I, too, am praying there are no critters at the lakehouse. Sometimes we get mice but since it was a mild winter, I'm hoping not.

I can't wait to see your floor! You must be so excited. Glad you had a wonderful weekend with family and friends!


Mikal said...

Beach bonfires sound like perfection! It looks like it was a beautiful weekend for you. Yahoo!

Cant wait for the reveal!


A perfect weekend, indeed. I didn't want this weekend to end. But it is Monday now, anyway. :-)

Cathi said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend for you! Have a fab week, sweet lady! xxoo

Rachael said...

I love weekends that are relaxed and yet refreshing. Glad you had a good one.Rx

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Awe! Your Mom is so sweet, Lori :)

this free bird said...

Yay! Your mom!! I can see the resemblance even in the side profile.

ps--I found your Trader Joe's mint cookies in my freezer the other day. Hmmmm. Still want those? I think YES!!