Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Potpourri

OK ~ let's go back to autumn
crunchy leaves ~ warm days and cool nights

not wind chill and bitter cold
I am really not ready for this


I find it very hard to believe that we are half way through November
the time is flying ~ it will be Christmas before we know it!

I am thankful that I have most of my shopping done
and plan to have everything done by the first week of December
I am talking decorating, baking, shopping and shipping
I am a girl on a mission

wearing cozy sweaters, socks and scarves
drinking tea and lattes
running errands and snuggling with the fur babies
cooking soups and casseroles
reading books, blogs and magazines
it is the season for nesting

last weekend I spent some time being creative
it felt good to let everything else be and focus on me
and then not feel guilty about it

I made a couple of sweater pillows and will show you soon



this weekend will be more comfort food
yummy smelling candles
cleaning and organizing
and spending some quality time
with my little family



what are your plans?


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm just like you Lori ….. I have bought nearly all of my Christmas pressies { and, I do have quite a lot to buy } I like to get that part done early and then I can really enjoy decorating the house, deciding on the food, & wrapping the presents….. I love that part …. it makes it much less stressful doesn't it ? XXXX

Unknown said...

eek! you are so organized, Lori!

Unknown said...

I kept wondering why the shops are full of Christmas stuff & Christmas ads are on TV, then I just realised the other day that we have less than 6 wks to go!!! Eeek!!!

I know you are always super-organised, am very impressed though, I've done nothing!!

I love the sound of a sweater cushion, what a good idea!!

Hope you've had a lovely week-end, wish I was there :) Xx

Leslie Harris said...

Lori you amaze me. All your shopping is almost done? Every year I say I'm going to finish shopping early but it never happens. I still can't believe it's the middle of November. I think that's my excuse.. I'm happily in denial until the last minute hahaha I can't wait to see your sweater pillow..what a good idea.