Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Potpourri

In a few short hours
I will be starting a weeks vacation
and I am ready for it


I walked out the door for work one morning this week
to the smell of a wood fire burning ~ the smoke curling around the neighbourhood
fog over the river and geese honking overhead
making me smile and grateful for days like this

it's not quite winter but no longer feeling like autumn
the end of November always feels this way
snow makes it seem softer ~ less harsh
after the colourful show that was fall


I will not be lounging around on this week off
I have shopping to finish ~ cookies to bake
and cards to drop in the mail

I absolutely love having this week off ~ I really do
as it takes the pressure off getting things done on the weekends

tomorrow night is game night so I will finish my decorating
do some food prep and make sure the beverages are cold



I hope all my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving
and you all had a great week

whatever your plans this weekend
do it with love


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Have a great week off Lori ….. I just love preparing for Christmas. XXXX

Barbara Lilian in France said...

Enjoy your thanks giving weekend, and as I'm always reminding my daughter, remember to take time for yourself. take a book and curl up by your fire.