Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And So it Begins....

We ushered in December with happy hearts
and hopes for a healthy holiday season

I got a bit of a head start on Saturday by putting a few things out
but concentrated on food prep for our gathering that night
along with running my errands as snow was in the forecast for Sunday

love my hot beverage station filled with our favourites
this is something that will stay out now all winter

Sunday I made these baked beans in the slow cooker
this is the easiest recipe I found last year on Pinterest
and Trev loves them so it's a win win for me

and today vacation started

first on the agenda was the groomers
Cooper will not let me brush him and he does not groom himself
he has a triple coat ~ even the shortest hairs on him will mat
so twice a year he goes and gets a "lion cut"
I think it makes him look handsome

when I got home it was time to bake some cookies
3 different kinds

I am going to a cookie exchange on Sunday
so I will make those ones later in the week

it feels good to have these all done

and as of today all the decorations are up as well

we will wait and get our tree this weekend and put it up closer to Christmas

tomorrow more plans and hopefully some more check marks off my ever growing list!

Have a great week.


Barbara Lilian in France said...

Hi Lori
It looks as if you're well prepared for the festive season, and Cooper looks like he's ready to star in the 'Lion King'. Love all the stylish cookies you've made ready to be stored in tins for when your visitors arrive.

Cathi said...

You are way too organized...haha...I'm slowly getting into it - I started taking out the decorations this weekend and bought a few new ones. I even helped my friend Sally decorate her house. My Christmas music is blarring at home and in the car and loving some brisk(er)weather - for LA that is...Have a beautiful week, sweet lady! xxoo


Your home must look and smell delicious!


Farmgirl Paints said...

You've been busy. Love the vintage ornaments. We used to have a Persian and would shave him like that a couple of times a year. Gabe was his name.

Delena said...

You are very prepared for the season. I miss Christmas here in Yuma but don't miss the snow at home. Have a wonderful Christmas!