Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Wow ~ what a ride

it has been quite the week
and I am exhausted...

you see I am a homebody
when I go out it is usually on the week-ends

as the weather warms up and we actually have evenings
that we can get out and enjoy
I emerge from my cocoon and enjoy life a little bit more

so I had tickets offered to me on Monday
for a show I knew Mom would really enjoy
so I picked her up on Wednesday night
and took her to see Tony Orlando

anyone old enough to remember him

"Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
remember him??

well I grew up with it
I did a baton routine to Knock 3 Times
I was styling the pigtails back then
and the white sneakers and knee socks

I have pictures ~ I will dig some out and scan them
for your viewing pleasure

anywhoo ~ I took my Mama out and she really enjoyed herself
and I did too

then last night I went out again
I know I know

Cathy aka one half of thebestneighborsever
asked me to accompany her to another concert
so we saw Chris de Burg
and what a fantastic show

we sang and danced and clapped and yelled
and got home really late and I am really tired
oh ~ I already told you that didn't I 

so this morning I need some pick me up
some happy
some yellow
some ruffles

and tonight I am becoming one with the couch
and watch a little tv
and play a little on the computer
so I can regroup and enjoy my week-end

hope you had a fabulous week
and an even better week-end



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

WOW Lori,
You have been out and about a lot ..... no wonder you're exhausted !!
..... and, I can't wait to see you in your pigtails and knee socks !!
Have a good weekend Lori and put your feet up. XXXX

Lissa said...

so you were a baton twirler huh? fun! My cousin took lessons back in the day. I haven't even heard of those being offered anywhere. Good old days, ya know! I think you're week sounds fun! ENjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

Two concerts - so lucky! How nice that you took your Mom to one!

Cathi said...

It sounds like a pretty fun week for you, Lori! I went out last night and woke up thinking it was Saturday - dang it, one more day of work and more fun begins again (not to say that I don't have fun at work, as I always do!). OMG, Tony Orlando and his songs had me remembering all the time I spent singing and dancing in my room in front of my mirror with my pen or hairbrush "microphone". Haha. have a relaxing weekend, sweet lady! xxoo

Blondie's Journal said...

You had a wonderful week, Lori! 2! I loved Tony Orlando! I think I was out of pig tails though...not sure! But I am like you...I chill all week long, reading and a bit of TV, and one night out knocks the wind out of my sails! We have a dinner party tomorrow night and then leave for the lake bright and early Sunday morning and it is always work, work, work. I guess you have to work before you play! ;-D

Have a good one!



I like that kind of delicious tired.

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Wow Lori, what a wonderful week and weekend! I love the photos you shared above too :) Ruffles are my fave!

this free bird said...

Okay Lori I got all caught up at those table cloths. I need to know where to get one or how to make one (cough cough b/c I'm now a seamstress?). GORGEOUS!

Here's to a smooth week ahead! I know I won't be having one...


Rachael said...

Yellow makes me smile too but possibly not as much as that gorgeous looking cake!Rx

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beautiful images!