Monday, May 28, 2012

Rolling on the River

What a simply gorgeous week-end we had here
the weather was perfect

makes you want to stay outside all day
and all night week-end

then Sunday night comes along
and then Monday morning and we are back at it

Sunday we had a mission though
as we traveled to the city of Miramichi 
to attend a 50th anniversary party
for our sister in law's parents

in their banquet room

it was quite the setting

the gardens were beautiful

the path leading down to the river

the Miramichi river is known all over to be
one of the best places to fish salmon

we hope to get back up this year as they also offer tubing
which is a blast and a great way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon!

I mentioned on Friday that I was going treasure hunting
Trevor's Aunt had to be put into a home 
so his cousins are cleaning out the house and were having a yard sale.
I grabbed Trev's Mom and we went to help set up
and of course I nabbed a few odds and ends
that tickled my fancy.

a big old platter ~ a couple of old cookbooks and a vintage suitcase
plus a couple of cups & saucers and some vintage gadgets

there was so much stuff there that I could have brought home
but I was a good girl.

on the drive yesterday to the party I was on the lookout for lilacs
I found the perfect bush ~ close to the road
no houses around ~ so we stopped on the way home and I got them
the house smells divine right now

oh how I love thee

Hope you had a sunshiney week-end
and that you had a reason to smile

Have a great week!



sofa said...

Hello here,
Rolling on the River
Effectively stated and with wonderful timing. Thanks for the great post which consists of superb information.

Rhiannon Bosse said...

You hit the lilac jackpot, Lori! They look absolutely stunning and I only wish I could sneak just a smell :)

Mikal said...

What a pretty place! Love your treasures, and especially your lilacs! Mine have been done blooming for a while now. :(

I'm jealous of your sunshine! Gloomy gray clouds and plenty of rain in my corner of the world. But today she came out and it's beautiful outside right now!

Enjoy your week,


Dee Paulino said...

these images look so peaceful :)

Clare Day Flowers said...

Love your blog. Are you in Ontario?