Saturday, April 5, 2014

Girls Night

I have been on vacation this week
and promise not to talk about the weather anymore
because sadly ~ it depresses me


I did have a good week although I had to cancel my plans on Tuesday
due to said weather we will not talk about
the balance of the week went along as planned


an afternoon of retail therapy where I bought everything from 
shoes to a new pillow to rest my weary head on at night
and all was good with the world

an afternoon with Mom ~ appointments and a lunch date
then back to her place to get a couple little things done

plans on Friday with my nieces brought home made pizza
and the Hunger Games


it was so nice to snuggle on the couch with both Kat & Sam
and spend some quality time

I do have a question though ~ do teens ever put down their phones?
I had a rule at both the supper table and breakfast this morning
but every waking minute they were here ~ they were on them
too funny!

I also baked this cake yesterday

it was Colin's birthday ~ aka one of thebestneighboursever
so we took it over last night and sang Happy Birthday
then ate our faces off and was on a sugar rush the rest of the night!


this may show up on the brunch table tomorrow
if I can get the ingredients together ~ if not next weekend for sure

Hope you are having a great weekend


Foxanddahlia said...

Ha, your comment re teenagers and their phones made me smile. In short the answer is NO! Not unless under duress. That cake looks fabulous.

Leslie Harris said...

Hmm...retail therapy. I definitely need to try that. Also a piece of that cake sounds SO good right now. And as far as the phones go, even 21 year olds don't put them down much, which drives me crazy. BTW..I've been reading lots lately, it's such a nice distraction from all this house hunting stuff. I wonder if your niece has read the Divergent books. I'm on the third one and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying them because I couldn't get into the Hunger Games books. I hope you're enjoying your weekend Lori.

Cathi said...

Haha...the phone thing is an affliction kids of all ages have - it's pretty irritating at times right? I find it humorous though when I'm in a line at the store and everyone is looking at their phone, myself included! Your weekend sounded pretty darn fabulous to me except for that weather that we're not talking about anymore. Haha. It's been nice here but I've been working weekends so not able to enjoy it as much. Love and hugs to you sweet one! xxoo