Monday, March 31, 2014

Polar Vortex

This will not be a post where I will whine about the cold and the snow
and the freezing rain
but I will talk about it just a smidge...

last Wednesday we had a blizzard ~ the visibility was zero
nada nothing
since it was doing nothing in the morning
I went into work
they came around ~ around the noon hour saying that whenever you feel like
you want to leave, just let us know and go home

well it came hard and fast right around 1 ~ I stayed a little but longer
and then hit the road
we left at a good time because it just got progressively worse as the day went on
by the time it was all said and done we had received 41 cm of snow
and in some places here in the Maritimes the winds were equal to
a category 2 hurricane ~ that my friends is windy!

this picture is taken out my front window looking towards my neighbours house
yup ~ nasty stuff

so we all got over that ~ it was back to work on Thursday
had mild temps and rain on Friday so any effort to get out to get some "snow pics"
were gone as the rain beat it down by half or so
not that I am complaining about that ~ really!

so Saturday it is gorgeous ~ temps above zero ~ the sun in shining
feels like Spring really is coming 
I bought a bouquet of tulips and daffodils from the Cancer Society
then Sunday we get this

stop shaking the snow globe!!

do you have the Timpehop app on your phone?  If you take pictures and post
to instagram, facebook or twitter ~ it will pull your history for that same day
how ever many years you have been using that social media site

last year this time my crocuses were up and there was hardly any snow
I know this because this morning as freezing rain was pelting on my window
it showed me these pictures from a year ago today

so today we have had freezing rain which turned to snow this evening
mass power outages all over the place

so that's enough of the northeast weather!

Good news is I am on vacation this week
and although I wish I could have jetted off to somewhere warm
I chose to stay home and get some things done around the house
and spend some time to just relax

I have a stack of People magazines I have been binge reading

most of the house is cleaned

dinner plans tomorrow night with my cousin with shopping

an afternoon planned with my Mama on Thursday

and Friday I am getting together with my girlies ~ it's home made pizza
and the Hunger Games kinda night

I love the idea of just doing things at my own pace this week
have been spending some time in the kitchen
and taking time in the afternoon to have a latte and a piece of cinnamon bread

Happy Monday!

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