Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I wish I could say ~ hello Spring ~ so nice to see you
but today we have had a rain-freezing rain-snow mix that is not very 
"springish" at all

I know for us here in the northeast ~ Spring does not truly arrive 
until mid April 
but after the winter that just won't quit 
I am looking forward to some green grass and warmer temps

I choose to live in this part of the country
because this is where I grew up ~ where my family is
well most of it anyway and where my roots are firmly planted

we talk time and time again ~ what if you could live anywhere
where would you go? 
would you build a house in an exotic local?
would you spend your summers here and winters in the south?

oh the places we could go
I never stop dreaming about them

but to leave this place ~ the 4 seasons
I do love them all ~ well maybe not "love" the one that starts with a w
but all in all ~ I am happier in the other 3

I have seen most of Canada ~ not extensively
but I do know that we have some beautiful places right here
in my backyard 

so with that ~ my what I have learned this week is

I truly love to read and have been dragging around the same book for over 2 weeks
why you ask?  I need to start putting my phone down at lunch and picking up my book instead.

Cutting a puppy dogs nail too short can cause "mother guilt" and more blood
than you can even imagine.  She is ok now ~ me... not so much.

While planning dinner for the following night ~ make sure you have all the ingredients
for what you are making.  It is really hard to make quesadillas without tortillas.

Watering your plants is good for their well being but 
once every 2 weeks is not working out so well.

An earlier bedtime makes me happy.


Unknown said...

Yes, I hear you, Lori! We had snow and wind today but now the sun is out which brings me hope once again. I love your bright tulips!

Cathi said...

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! As much as I have dreamed of living other places ( I actually have lived many different places) I can't imagine not living in California as it's truly my home. But for a few months at a time I could easily live in NY, London, Rome, Paris, Vancouver and many more places! Oh to dream!!! Love to you, sweet one! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

I'm always fascinated to hear from my friends who live in the cold regions...because I can't imagine getting accustomed to those freezing temperatures. Although I can see how beautiful it is! And home is where the heart is, so if ones family and roots are there that is home . ..maybe because I'm only used to California winters but I am personally freezing when it dips below 40s. Isn't that funny ? Sending you warm thoughts! Glad your fur baby is just fine.


Great lessons at your house this week. :)