Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Potpourri


Just when Spring was in sight ~ we only have to look to next week 
on the calendar and here we are knee high in snow




this week has been a hamster on a wheel type of week
physio for the shoulder on Monday

we were down to one vehicle so I had a chauffeur
there of course are pros and cons to that
but all is well and we got the truck back last night
looking all spiffy and newish



last weekend I tried a new recipe and we both gave it 2 thumbs up
and will make it again ~ you can find the recipe here

I whipped up a batch of our new favourite biscuits
I keep coming back to this recipe time and again
they are great with any soup, stew or chili


 this weekend will be laying low
caught another little bug so have to try and kick that to the curb

maybe a little project
and a sweet treat from the kitchen
we shall see



I have been spending some time on Pinterest
and found these ~ don't they look delish!
thanks Simone!


planning to get around to visit soon

hope you had a great week 
and that the sun shines on your smile this weekend.


Delena said...

The biscuits look yummy. I must make them soon! We are still in Yuma and hopefully our six foot snow bank to our entrance will melt before the middle of April......

Unknown said...
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Mikal said...

I'd like to curl up in those quilts and nibble on those treats!

Stay warm and safe!

Erin @ said...

I'll be trying those biscuits soon, thanks for sharing!

Hope you feel better. This winter has been relentless!

Leslie Harris said...

I love your Simple Life image. It makes me smile and keeps it all in perspective which is what I need right now :)
So sorry to hear you're fighting a bug. I hope you rest with a good book and keep dreaming of warm weather. I wish I could send some of our sunshine to you, hate to tell you this but yesterday it was actually 71 degrees. Oh well, I'll send you some warm, cozy love!