Saturday, March 8, 2014

From the Shadows

Hey ~ remember me
yes I am the one that has been lurking in the shadows
reading your posts
liking your IG and Facebook posts
and not doing much else

looks like I derailed right around Valentines day
so in all actuality it has only been 3 weeks
give or take

and I guess derailed is the wrong word
I just disappeared for a bit

so let's talk winter for a minute and how I am so over it
and snow and cold
I realize that Spring is just around the corner 
on the calendar

I fear we may not see our lawn until June
but I am just being overly dramatic now

mornings like this however make me thankful for 4 seasons
the fog over the river and sun doing what it does best
shine on

I have 3 Christmas cactus and all of them had blooms in the past 
couple of months.  One I have had for 5 years and had never bloomed
love a splash of colour on a cold February day

and then this happened
we have been having some issues since November
and chose to baby it ~ well someone dropped the baby!

we went laptop shopping a couple of weeks ago
honestly I am the type of person that will go to one store
see one I like ~ all the specs are there I want

yeah ~ not so much with hubby
so I am typing away on the same one tonight
we will get another ~ soon....

I am crazy for anything cable knit right now
so this pitcher and candle holder needed to come home with me
when I saw them on clearance in the grocery store

they match perfect with my little cable knit snowman I got
before Christmas when we were in Maine shopping

now I know that I have talked about my internet group here before
it is how I met Simone and Kim long before the blogging days

so every year we do a gift exchange ~ we used to do it for Christmas
like a secret santa but the last couple of years we have waited until after the holidays
and sent it out in the new year.  
I received my gift last weekend from Erin who also has a blog!

she made both the wrapped leather bracelet and the button monogram
she is one talented lady!

this is a tradition I love so much ~ I think I like buying for my recipient
picking out things I think she will like while staying true to sending out
things that are locally made.  Ironic since my gift from Erin looks a lot like
what I sent her!

last Sunday was a bridal shower for my God daughter Jillian
she got so many nice things ~ it was such a great afternoon

you may recall that we got together and made her invitations back in January
and I don't think I showed you one of the finished products

this is Mitchell ~ the bride to be's nephew
he is a-dor-a-ble
was the talk of the afternoon and learned how to wave
yes ~ I taught him how to wave ~ proud moment here.

I will be back ~ sooner than later
thanks for reading


Erin @ said...

I always love the photos you choose!? I am so over winter too, I hope it's starting to warm up a little bit there! I still think it's so ironic the gifts we chose for each other. It makes me appreciate our tradition even more.


You have been busy.

Earlier, I told you I was going to make those cute heart shaped tea bags that you featured on your blog.

I made one (which was super cute) ... and quit there. Opps.


Cathi said...

You and me both disappearing (on our blogs that is) sounds like you've had a lot of fun things going on, except that laptop issue. I'm with you on the laptop purchasing - I go in, find it and buy it. All done! was a beautiful day here, but I spent all day at work unfortunately - it's that time of year. Sending you some warm sunshiny weather, sweet girl! Happy weekend! xxoo

Blondie's Journal said...

I would love to pick up that little Mitchell and give him a big hug!! How cute he is!

You have been busy and yet I know you are as shut off with the snow as we are. Keeping busy is a wonderful way to keep your mind off it. I loved this post my YOU!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Lovely to see you back and to hear of the goings on in Lori land again !!
I hope that the snow disappears soon ….. we have clear blue skies and Spring temperatures at the moment although, it wouldn't suprise me if it snowed at some point !! …. we haven't had any yet.
Happy Sunday Lori. XXXX

mimi charmante said...

Sweet friend,
It is okay to take a break you know. I for one can't believe you haven't gone completely mad with the winter you have had! I wish I could teleport you here- although right now, all I can offer is endless rain... I bet that receiving your parcel from Erin brightened your day though! It sounds like you have been busy but that tends to make time pass by a bit faster - and I bet before you know it your spring flowers will be breaking through the ground! Love to you friend, x

mimi charmante said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Lori! glad to see you back here - you really weren't gone that long! You've had a looong winter but there is a light at the end of this tunnel!