Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Potpourri

I swear I do not mean to be a post once a week girl
but here I am again ~ on Friday ~ to fill your eyes with a little bit of pretty

as I type this it has started snowing
then it will change to freezing rain ~ then rain
storm's a comin



I have blog posts in my head and in my heart
I hope to post on a more regular basis



can I tell you a secret ~ I love Pinterest
but really dislike when the pin takes me no where
or to the person's blog and not the actual post 
where the picture or recipe came from

I know ~ first world problems

no big plans or gifts for us today
it's cards and a nice dinner
I like to celebrate love every day

it's nice to have a Valentine though
especially one that still makes your heart happy
after 15 years ~ wow ~ love that


love love love

no plans this weekend ~ love that as well
I will be content being cozy
cook some great meals
and cheer on the home team ~ I am so proud of them so far!

Happy weekend.


Blondie's Journal said...


I love your Friday give us something to smile about after a long week. But I do love hearing what you are up to. It takes me a long time to put together a post so I really have to have a nice chunk of time for it. That's hard! You're fine.

I hope you stay home and safe, ice is so dangerous. Now you have a good excuse to stay in, cook, bake, lie around watching Hallmark and Lifetime movies...Ha!


Leslie Harris said...

Aw Lori love your little fur baby. I agree with Jane, I always look forward to stopping by on Fridays to hear your thoughts. I find your images so uplifting too. I've also become a once a week blogger lately...that seems to have happened naturally now that our house is in escrow. I'm not fighting it though...I figure there's an ebb and flow to everything. Stay warm!

Cathi said...

Sounds like a nice and relaxing weekend for you, Lori! I too love your Friday posts they always make me smile! Stay warm, lovely lady. Lots of love and hugs to you! xxoo

PhotoPuddle said...

Such a lot of Valentine's lovliness. I hope you had a lovely day and great weekend xxx

Sophia said...

Hello Lori,

I have just found your lovely blog via Cowparsley! Beautiful thoughts and images, and I so agree with you over Valentine's day…we celebrated with cards and a lovely home cooked dinner too…pleased to say that every day has been Valentine's day for 27 years!

Have a lovely week,