Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunshine & Fresh Air

It's Sunday night and I am getting ready to snuggle in on the couch
and watch The Good Wife


meals have been prepared
errands all run
chores are completed
and we also took some time to just kick back too

it was a gorgeous weekend
can I say finally ~ I think I can

the windows were open yesterday
the sun was shining
birds were singing ~ snow was melting
the house smelled like heaven
oh how I love Spring


the first week back to work after vacation is always a long one
it was busy and I made it through the other side

now I am gearing up for a short week
and it is an exciting week as my birthday is coming up
and on my birthday I turn into a 10 year old
and go all diva and princess like it's my day or something


I am sure it will not go by unnoticed 
because I won't let it ~ ha!


as you can see I am in Easter mode
as on Friday ~ Good Friday that is ~ and also my day
we are getting together with family ~ 22 of us
will gather around and celebrate family
and just maybe there will be a birthday cake there for me
because I am 10


the gathering isn't for my birthday though 
it is Easter dinner that because of people having to travel and such
is being done on Friday instead of Sunday
and that's ok

love getting together with this group
there is always new memories made and this time
will not be any different


wishing you a wonderful week
I hope it has warmed up and the sun is shining
the flowers have poked their little heads out of the ground
or they are blooming in beautiful colours

face the sun and let it shine upon you
and smile.


Unknown said...

22 for Easter sounds good to me Lori....and if you can't be a princess on your birthday, when can you?! I wish I could join you :)

I keep meaning to watch "The Good Wife", I hear such good things about it. I have just signed up to Netflix to will add it to my list.

Have a great week my lovely friend Xx

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great Easter, Lori! and Happy Birthday in advance!!

Cathi said...

Sounds like a fun Easter and birthday week! My sons birthday falls on Easter this year, I so wish I could celebrate it with him. Glad your weather is starting to get the message that it is spring and time to shape up...haha....Lots of love and hugs to you, birthday girl! xxoo

Magical and Beautiful said...

Beautiful post! Happy spring:)