Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Potpourri ~ Spring is in the Air

It is the first time in awhile that I have 
had the creative urge

to look for the perfect pictures ~ group them together
and put them in a post



I have felt adrift
not depressed but not myself

not getting a lot accomplished
but not laying around and doing nothing

I know that the weather got me down in a big way
and I know I should not let it ~ but it does sometimes

Spring was a long time coming and just when we thought it was finally here
it was snatched away again

with that being said ~ I hope it is now here to stay
we have had another taste and I want more
the lawn is green ~ plants poking out of the ground
I want to dig in the dirt 



I am on vacation next week and I am hoping to 
get outside

work in the flowerbeds

sit on the deck with my coffee

unplug for awhile

meet with friends



planning dinner for Mother's Day on Sunday
looking forward to that

it will be nice to have both Moms here


long weekend plans in the works as well

open the cottage

get out with the camera

we will see



and if there happens to be a rainy day while I am off
I will make good use of it

Happy weekend



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a little ' off ' lately …….. it happens sometimes !!
I've not been having that good a time of it over the past 6 weeks as my husband has been very poorly but, these things are sent to try us and we must get on with them.
You have, as always, found some beautiful images ….. we are having some lovely Spring weather, interspersed with showers so, it's in and out of the garden for us when the showers stop !!
Enjoy your weekend Lori. XXXX

Leslie Harris said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos Lori, and these well chosen quotes. I can so relate to the mood you speak about. I do think that weather can have a powerful effect on our moods, too little sunlight adds up. And hopefully the Mother's Day planning and good conversation will cheer you up. For a nurturer like yourself, these are the experiences that replenish us. I also have struggled with discouragement lately with house hunting. It's hard for a nester like myself to be in transition so long, but the yoga is helping me so much. And I'm taking a writing class which also feels good. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Erin @ said...

Here's hoping your time off brings you a renewed sense of self. Opening the cottage for the season surely means spring has arrived!