Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday's Random Thoughts

It's a holiday Monday here and I am thankful for it

after being off a week on vacation where everyday brought something
it is nice to have a day for me ~ to do with what I wish 

originally they were predicting rain
but it has since cleared off and I feel like I need to get back outside

someone had a birthday on Thursday ~ yes my baby girl is 7
I can hardly believe it
these were not planned ~ while I was out shopping I happened across them
so you know I had to get them

we have had a gorgeous weekend ~ Friday I fell asleep in the lounge chair on the deck
and woke up with a little sunburn which thankfully has tanned up
scooped up Mom and went out for dinner that night
landed at a little takeout by the shore and had the best seafood
too much grease ~ too much food ~ but so so good

we made a pit stop at my girlfriend's place and got to see the whole gang
which was a treat to find everyone home

her daughter was also there visiting with this little monkey who just turned 1 last month

isn't he just the cutest!

Saturday the sun came out again ~ it was a gorgeous day
sunshine and heat are not something we have had a lot of
so everyone was enjoying it as you can see here 

I had cleaned out the flowerbeds on Thursday and could not get over
how much everything has burst up and open over the last 4 days
I am loving it all

while I was cleaning up the back beds I made the decision to pull the wood out of 
the front beds ~ some of it was just becoming one with the earth
and since they were here when we moved in ~ they were over 12 years old

I researched different edgings and decided to just trench them for now
until I figure out what I am going to use

don't mind the black wire ~ it's for our old school moon lights
and do not want to do anything drastic until I make a decision

do you have a favourite edging product?  I think I like brick
but I want them cheap or free!

I found this one on the Better Homes & Gardens website and I think I like it
thought?  comments?

yesterday we went down to the cape ~ opened the cottage so that was 
elbow grease cleaning ~ stripping beds and making lists
it was a great day for it ~ all the windows were opened ~ music blasting
we were getting stuff done and it felt good

and of course stopped at the farm on the way home
this view never gets old

the rhubarb will be awhile yet ~ but I can wait.

It's my blogging anniversary today ~ 5 years ~ can you even believe it!!

Wishing all my Canadian friends a Happy Victoria Day!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Happy 5th birthday Lori ……. that means my blog is 5 in a couple of weeks !!
…. and, those doggy treats look so good that I think I could eat them !!!!! XXXX

Farmgirl Paints said...

Happy blogiversary. We started close to each other. Enjoy your holiday. A little grease is good for you :-)

Cathi said...

Happy 5th blog birthday!- I'm so happy to have found your blog all those years ago! Sounds like a fun, delicious and rewarding vacation for you. Glad you enjoyed yourself! I am heading up to my sisters this weekend to put a little of my own elbow grease at my moms brand new cottage - we're trying to get it finished up before she comes down for Steff's graduation. Have a fabulous week, lovely lady. Glad that sun is shining your way! xxoo said...

Well I guess congratulations are in order! Happy blogiversary my friend! and many more! Love coming here. It just brightens my day so much. You take such joy in everything! Love ya oodles my friend!