Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Love Big

This is not a happy post ~ I will warn you now
but I feel like I have to write ~ I need to get it out
a little like when I used to keep a journal 
except now I type and post for the whole world to see 
instead of keeping my thought between pages and storing them in my bedside table

last Friday morning I was going through my daily routine
when something told me to pick up my phone
I picked it up and put it down
then picked it back up again

there was a message from my best friend's daughter
one that knocked the wind out of me
my bestie's sister had passed away the night before

honestly, I know that there is a circle of life
that we all have to die someday

but I find it so hard to accept when a sweet kind gentle being
that has been taking care of her terminally ill husband for the last 6 months
can be taken from this earth
leaving a 23 year old son that will soon lose his father as well

I guess that is the part that gets me
how uncertain tomorrow is

today was the funeral ~ the building was packed
a testament to a woman who was loved very much
the one with a smile, a kind word, a recipe, a how to
our resident Martha before Martha became the rage

she loved big ~ with her whole heart
last time I saw her was at a shower this spring
everyone would always ask how Dan was doing 
but when I sat down to talk to her that day I said
how are YOU doing
being the caretaker is exhausting ~ we do it for love
and tend to put things like our own well being
off to the side ~ for later
her later never came and that makes me sad
but I am so glad that I focused on her that day
it was the last time I saw her

I saw people today that I have not seen in years
there were lots of hugs and tears
and great conversations ~ some remember that time
and stories about Debbie

rest in peace sweet angel
gone too soon


Cathi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - whether expected or unexpected it's always devastating! Always tell people you love them - don't hold off as you just never know. Last Friday night my best friends son was shot along with several other students in Santa Barbara. He was just walking down the street. Thankfully he will live but there are several parents of students that are planning funerals this week - so heart wrenching. Live each moment. Much love and hugs to you sweet girl. I will say a prayer for your friends family tonight. xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
I'm so sorry to hear your sad news ……. such a shock at anytime but even worse when it comes out of the blue like that.
I am thinking of you and Debbie's family who are going through such a devastating time at the moment. Just try and remember all of the happy memories that you have of her and the fact that you had her in your life. Much love. XXXX

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Lori. Your tribute is absolutely beautiful. She would be deeply touched.


This is so hard and sad, Lori. I am sorry that you lost your friend, who was also much needed by her family.