Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Aunt Dot

Today I would like to introduce you to
my Dad's oldest sister

my Aunt Dot
born Dorothy Ann

this is the woman that kept my grandmother's memory alive
for over 25 years

Grampy said that "Barb will never be gone as long as Dot is around"
he was a wise man

she was just like her mother in so many ways
although she did not quilt and knit and sew like Grammy

she looked like her ~ talked like her
and cooked like her

she and her husband kept the farm going
opened it up for the summer
used it like a cottage

she kept up the flower beds and roamed the fields looking for
berries and wildflowers

an avid bird watcher too ~ she was many things
to many people

Aunt Dot, Dad & Aunt Jeanne

when I got married she gave me 
her Mother's cameo as I had told her years before
that I wanted to wear it on my wedding day

little did I know that she did not just lend it to me
she gave it to me ~ to keep
and I will cherish it always

Aunt Dot, Dad, Mom & Carolyn seated in front
Family Reunion ~ Rockport Hall 

like her mother she was a strong woman
who was struck down with a sad disease
aphasia took away her speech 

I was into the hospital to see her
while Mom was in there last year

she could not speak
but the recognition was still in her face
the eyes never change
and I could see her searching my face
and I held her hand and talked to her
remembering the woman she used to be 

she passed away a week or so after that visit
and I knew that instinct that sent me from the chapel
to her room was maybe not instinct at all
but a gentle nudge

I am so glad I made it in there
to say goodbye

and when I walk through the fields at the farm
I smile as I know
I am carrying on a family tradition.


Mikal said...

I love this series so much!

Hope the sunshine smiles on you this weekend - I'm ready to paint my toes too!!

Hugs to you girlie!!

Cathi said...

Beautiful story, Lori! She sounded like a lovely lady! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

What a lovely tribute. She sounds like such a warm, special woman. I'm sad she lost her speech but I'm so glad she could recognize you. These are such touching posts Lori.
Leslie (Gwen Moss)

Barb Brookbank said...

So beautifully written.